Month: March 2021

What is sodomy and why is it illegal?

A sodomy law is a law that identifies certain sexual acts as crimes. The precise sexual acts foreseen by the phrase sodomy are rarely written in law, but are generally understood by legal courts to include any sexual act deemed abnormal. Plus, it has a variety of similar euphemisms. These types of laws and regulations […]

Dogs and jealousy

In this article, you will find more information for each of these categories: To understand jealousy, we need to understand emotions When a dog is jealous Signs that your dog is jealous Do you think your dog has ever shown signs of jealousy? What do we do wrong with jealous dogs? Why reassuring human behavior […]

Tennis in Argentina: a successful tennis story

The origins and history of tennis in Argentina go back to the development of the railway system in the country. The Argentine rail system was developed by the British eager to guarantee the shipment of goods from Argentina to the United Kingdom. During that time, British immigrants working on the rail system brought tennis (polo […]