Day: May 15, 2021

The shield of Nvidia

More and more with the integration of different technologies, gamers are looking for a way to play all their PC and Android games on one system without miles of cables and hours of frustration. Nvidia is looking to level the playing field with Nvidia SHIELD, a three-part system that supports handheld gaming on a variety […]

Self-Guided Tour of San Jose, California

When I was a kid growing up in central California, downtown San Jose was a place to avoid. A few years ago, Mayor Tom McHenry started a project to revitalize downtown that has given birth to a wonderfully new or renovated neighborhood. San José is the largest of the cities in the Bay Area named […]

Stop identity theft

The Federal Trade Commission reports that identity fraud occurs once every two seconds. Someone at this time is losing their identity or is compromised. Unfortunately, many of those victims are in my hometown, St. Louis, MO. A good example of this growing problem, St. Louis ranks third among all metropolitan areas nationally for identity theft. […]

Island of cooking? Pros and cons

Kitchen islands used to be the area where friends and family gathered, as well as providing that extra counter space that we cooks love so much. Kitchen islands are now not just an area for extra counter space. They can include a stove, prep sink, small refrigerator, microwave, wine cooler, bookshelf, and many other kitchen […]

Cheap cars for insurance

Insuring your car is the best way to stay safe from accidental damage and theft. In case of any of these, the insurance company pays all expenses. To get this, one has to choose a car that is cheap for insurance. Finding such cheap cars to insure can be a headache. Here are some simple […]

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