Month: June 2021

The new Apple iPhone 7

Apple Inc. is a world-renowned company in the league of smartphone users around the world. Apple products are considered an item of distinction and it is also considered a source of pride to own one. It is a brand in itself and does not require any marketing strategy or skills to register an increase in […]

Simple ways to update your kitchen

Renovating your décor shouldn’t necessarily turn into a nightmare of chaotic schedules and huge budgets. In fact, a makeover could be very easy if the right methods are adopted. Read on for several inexpensive tips for your special culinary space. Tweaking the counters In terms of modernizing the counters, experts recommend that you spend as […]

Classic movie car chases

There’s nothing like a car chase, right? Some of the most memorable scenes in the movie have been car chases – the euphoria, the excitement, and the smell of gasoline! If only there were scratch ‘n’ sniff cinemas … Many car chases seen in movies today are enhanced through the use of computer generated imagery […]

A post thanksgiving wishbone

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can sit back and recover from the activity. I’m not sure of anyone else, but a holiday like Thanksgiving takes a lot out of me. Of course, it turns me on a lot, but that’s another story. The kind lady of the parsonage and hers were truly catching their […]

How do I start my own investment business?

Becoming an Investment Advisor was actually my first choice when I originally asked the question “How can I start my own business?” about 5 years ago. My corporate work experience is banking, so I was quite used to giving advice to people on where to put their money … but the bad thing about banking […]

8 facts about pastel painting

1. Pastels are made from a safe base like all other fine art paints, including oils and acrylics. The difference is the folder. Pastels use very little binder, so it’s almost like applying pigment direct to canvas. 2. The cakes are not whiteboard! Chalk is made of limestone. The cakes are totally different. Pastels are […]

Sci-fi aquarium decor for nerds

It might once have been an insult to call someone a nerd, but these days, with nerds being some of the richest people on the planet, being known as a nerd is a compliment. One of the things that all nerds have in common is a passion for science fiction. Who among us can resist […]

Who do school rankings benefit?

Increased interest in school rankings It’s hard to remember a time when this country’s public school system was under increased scrutiny. Newsweek is publishing articles on the subject, there are a plethora of sites online cater to a growing demand for comprehensive school ratings, and that the blogosphere, the loudest public discourse mechanism, has enough […]