Day: June 21, 2021

You’re just a little pebble

I admit I’m probably too romantic, given my badass background. But, as I was walking along the beach near my cabin yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice, not the endless layers of wave-driven pebbles that covered the sand, but the variety of pebbles in the collage. Millions of pebbles. No, more like hundreds of millions. […]

Tips for creating your database of email addresses

WHY BUILD YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS DATABASE? Get the email addresses of your customers: Provide an additional channel to reach your customers. Increase the ROI of your marketing investments Significantly reduce your customers’ acquisition and marketing costs It allows you to easily measure the impact of your marketing campaigns. Increase your customer engagement and retention rates […]

The importance of supplier evaluation

These days, the sheer volume of tasks SMEs undertake just to ensure their survival is phenomenal. It’s very tempting to cut corners and cut back on these mandatory activities. Some companies, when attacking business processes, often neglect the very important evaluation of their suppliers, which reduces the commercial reviews and evaluations of suppliers, particularly when […]

The benefits of a Mates bed

Matte beds make small rooms bigger Matt beds are often used in children’s bedrooms when there is not much space to spare. The design is reminiscent of how beds are made on ships, with storage drawers under the mattress. Beds tend to be smaller and can be set closer to the ground than many other […]