Month: May 2022

Consumer behavior during the recession

Recessions can cause radical and disruptive changes in consumer behavior. The OTO Research report confirms that during this recession 80% of consumers will change their consumption habits. 89% of consumers will systematically check online what and where the best products are, and what their value for money is. Consumers are getting smart in how they […]

Principles of tube bending and pipe bending

Tube bending is one of the fundamental processes in metal fabrication. Industrial pipes and tubes are a vital element in manufacturing for both construction and transportation of other materials. Most of the bent tubes are used as structural components such as handrails, metal furniture frame elements, and automobile roll cages, while the pipes are used […]

indian wildlife

The Indian fauna stands out for its large number of species and is one of the richest and most varied in the world. More than 4% of the total Indian land is covered by range of forests and wildlife. The country is one of the 12 areas of mega diversity in the world, in terms […]

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