Day: May 22, 2022

Hotels in Islamorada

So you’re thinking of going on vacation to the Florida Keys. Should you stay in the far north of The Keys and try Key Largo or should you go to the far south of the US and visit Key West? Maybe you should stop right in the middle and try Islamorada. Islamorada is actually six […]

Change Agent Factors

A change agent, or agent of change, is someone who intentionally or indirectly causes or accelerates social, cultural, or behavioral change. Because of their importance, agents of change are the subject of scientific research. Captology, developed at the Stanford Persuasive Technology Laboratory, for example, systematically studies how interactive computer products can be used to influence […]

The history of BWIA British West Indian Airways

Of the four Caribbean pure jet airlines (Air Aruba, Air Jamaica, ALM Antillean Airlines and BWIA among them), the latter was the largest and the only one to operate the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar. The airline’s roots stretched beyond the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean to New Zealand, at least in terms of the nationality of […]

The hardness and durability of quartz tiles

Quartz tiles are popular for their durability. Therefore, they are most preferred in high traffic areas. They look impressive and eye-catching. The bright effect created by the radiation of light makes the room fresh and tidy. They are resistant to water and stains. Kitchens and bathrooms use them extensively. The shiny effect gains popularity in […]

How to improve your grades in social studies

One of the main subjects in the CBSE Class 10 curriculum, Social Sciences has a broad syllabus. The syllabus for this subject includes topics mainly from History, Geography, Political Science and Economics. Although the subject is scored, many students find it difficult to cover the entire syllabus before the exam. Still, with the right tactics […]

The Coming New World Order

It’s just a conspiracy theory, right? The yearning for a one world government dates back to the Tower of Babel. If you believe in the Bible like I do, you know that God was not very happy with that little meeting. Secret societies that have been used to further this ongoing goal can be traced […]