Day: June 26, 2022

soundtrack lyrics

Are you trying to write soundtrack lyrics but can’t get started? You are not alone, thousands of people are also fighting. Whether you’re just trying to compose lyrics for a school project or community theater film, or want to make a serious career writing soundtrack lyrics, these tips from the pros will come in handy. […]

Prodigal Son (1982)

Two types of martial arts movies are “in” these days. The high-flying sword plays wuxia and the raw, crude Shaw Brothers type. “Prodigal Son” is not. That’s because it’s from Golden Harvest Studios, the best film studio in Hong Kong. A Golden Harvest studios martial arts movie means little to no high-flying stunts, but pure, […]

Children with autism and Thomas the Tank Engine

Parents, educators, and therapists have been witnessing anecdotal evidence of a special connection between Thomas the Tank Engine and children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) for many years. While the typical child is drawn to brightly colored, cheerful little engines, children with autism show an unusually intense love for the characters. Therefore, therapists have learned […]

Colon Cleansing Can Help You Lose Weight

Recently, colon cleansing or colonics has become of greater interest to the American consumer. The average individual in the United States today continually suffers from bloating, indigestion, gas, and constipation. With the advent of colon cleansing, these problems can be easily remedied and completely eradicated. Colon cleansing can eliminate all of these ills, and best […]

Why is a USP so important?

How do you answer this question? Why should I choose your business/product or service over any of your competitors instead of just sitting on my couch and watching TV? To answer this question, you need solutions to problems that no one else offers, but be careful if you differentiate your business on price, because the […]