Month: September 2022

A deer in the headlights

Headlights are probably the most fundamental part of a car, right next to the wheels and engines. From the very first vehicle made by Karl Benz to today, all cars have had headlights. But long gone are the days of reflective halogen headlights. Now, thanks to ever more advanced technological innovations, the market has been […]

History of e-book readers and beyond

The oldest digital library, Project Gutenberg, was founded in 1971. The first digitized work created by Project Gutenberg was the Declaration of Independence. Project Gutenberg is still going strong today with over 100,000 titles and 30,000 available for free. Digitized books were great, but they had to be read on a computer. Then, in 1998, […]

Gym winner and no gym sinner

Change your life now. How? Just follow these steps on board! 1 – Beginner’s Rage Experts say that after three months of the new year, the young and new aspirants to the new resolution drop to at least 66%. A staggering 66% of all newcomers fall within the first three months of starting in the […]

Has global warming made hurricane damage worse?

Hurricanes are nature’s most violent and destructive storms. There is a smaller, but potentially destructive storm raging among climate scientists and climate skeptics about the nature of hurricanes. Scientific evidence points to global warming making hurricanes more intense. Skeptics would like to convince everyone that global warming hasn’t caused any change in hurricanes, so there […]

The $99 a month car dealership scam

Many people get confused or excited when they see a car dealer advertising a payment of $99 a month. Sometimes the dollar amount changes, distributors will use a monthly payment of $47 or some other low number. I’m going to explain why car ads that use these tricks usually give you a bad deal. In […]