Day: November 23, 2022

body piercing jewelry

Jewelery has always enlivened the fashion wardrobe of young and old, adding a touch of style to special occasions. Fashion jewelry comes in many forms and types. Body piercing jewelry entered mainstream fashion quite quickly and is now an extremely popular jewelry category among today’s young generation in the United States. The body piercing jewelry […]

Family Recipe Scrapbook Tips

It’s family reunion time again here in the United States and Canada. I can already taste my mom’s peach cobbler. I can’t tell you how many times I called my mom and said, “Mom, I just need your recipe for your homemade cake and ice cream.” It’s been a slow build up of recipes over […]

5 keys for investors in startups

Hundreds of thousands of companies are formed each year. Many of them are in significant need of capital, which presents opportunities for investors. While initial investing isn’t for everyone, those with a high tolerance for risk may find it an exhilarating and potentially rewarding hobby. The possibility of getting on the ground floor of the […]