Month: February 2023

When justice just isn’t enough

“Justice is human, but magnanimity is divine.”[1] -Dr. John Sentamu, the Most Reverend and Rt Hon The Lord Archbishop of York (2005- ) Christianity is much more than the law. The Archbishop of York states very clearly the fact that there are often times when decisions are made in accordance with the law, but the […]

Common Indian Wedding Traditions

Marriages are made in heaven but solemnized on earth. This decision of God becomes the fate of a bride and groom. The many traditions of Indian weddings are organized and fulfilled with pomp and show, fun and festivity. As India is a country with a diverse culture and religion, the rituals to perform this ceremony […]

Moderate your social networks with Socialmod

Social media is all about listening and engaging, and negative comments shouldn’t be censored because you don’t want to hear negative things about yourself or your company. Customers don’t respond well to censorship and you could be creating an even bigger problem for yourself and your business. Therefore, posting on social media should be moderated. […]

Door Installation Tips

When you’re putting in a new door at home, think of it as a modification task. First, look at what’s hot and it will follow the theme of your house. For bedroom and kitchen closets, simple flat doors made of wood or plastic are fine, but for guest areas like living rooms or bedrooms, the […]

slime volleyball strategies

Slime Volleyball is a very popular online game based on the famous half circle character named Slime. There is only one Slime game that is more popular than Slime Volleyball and that is Slime Soccer, which is only natural as soccer is more popular than volleyball in most countries. Playing Slime Volleyball is easy, but […]

Differences in Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

There are only two main sites that users can choose from to play daily fantasy, DraftKings and FanDuel. Both sites share similarities but at the same time they are drastically different. Both are similar in popularity and have been around since the beginning of daily fantasy sports. Both sites offer hundreds of contests and pay […]