Month: May 2023

How to become a songwriter – 2

So where do the songs come from? It starts as an idea in the writer’s head and is then followed by the songwriting process to receive the royalty checks. He tried to write from within based on his natural and spiritual experiences. Once you come up with the story, condense it. Here are some tips […]

The definition of sincerity

It is an essential part of life to always be honest. This is because it leads to a brighter future. One that is celebrated with open arms with friendships that endure. It may be true that many times we are not treated very sincerely. It can be rare to find many truly sincere people around. […]

How to live a happy married life!

Janet was the daughter of wealthy parents. Her father was a bag of money. She was a major shipper and distributor for a renowned brewing company in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State in Nigeria. Janet belonged to a religious sect that inoculated her mind against being rich or prosperous on earth. She left her […]