Guided meditation provides deep relaxation. Healing images are most powerful when you are deeply relaxed.

And good things happen.

So, here are 5 great reasons to try guided meditation with healing images.

Big Reason # 1: Fix the Negative Effects of Stress on Your Health

You know that stress causes physical health problems, and you know that reducing the effects of stress will help you stay healthy. But you can’t get rid of all the stress in your life! So how can you protect your body?

Guided meditation shows your mind and body the way to deep relaxation. Your brain releases cascades of healing biochemicals, eliminating the negative effects of stress, reducing inflammation, improving immune function, and rebuilding healthy neurons in your brain.

Big Reason # 2: Positive Time Management.

It is difficult to find time for yourself, so it is important to use your time in the most effective way.

Listening to just 20 minutes, the guided meditations take you through the process of releasing physical and emotional stress and nourishing your brain and body, and the healing imagery gives you the added physical and emotional boost of mind and body nourishment in the areas that need it most. Those few minutes of support give you energy and focus for the rest of the day.

Great reason no. # 3: support your healthy choices

Habits like healthy eating and healthy sleep are important, but they are also difficult to establish. Personal changes, such as letting go of old fears or learning to be more confident, can also be challenging. Healing images are most powerful when you are deeply relaxed. Your brain can practice your new behaviors. You see yourself succeeding and your mind and body are comfortable making new decisions.

Big Reason # 4: Nurture your heart.

You may have reached a dry point in your life. It happens to all of us. Healing imagery shows us new ways to get off deeply bumpy roads and allows you to experience your inner world in new ways. While resting in deep relaxation, you can open up new areas, explore new facets of yourself. And discover new paths of hope, peace and beauty.

Big Reason # 5: It’s fun!

I know, personal growth, spiritual development, mind and body healing, it’s all supposed to be serious business. And I guess it is. But the same God who is present in the deepest and most spiritual meditation is also present in the storytelling, the joy and yes, even the fun. And to experience the joy, warmth and support that your heart has needed, that is a gift.

So, take a break from your life’s work. Sit back and fuel your brain and body with guided meditation and healing imagery.