Normal and short-term phenomenon.

Back pain during early pregnancy is a normal phenomenon in this most beautiful period of a woman’s life. Most mothers-to-be experience some degree of back pain during early pregnancy, and this pain usually subsides after about 20 weeks. Back pain or spasm, reflected by stretching muscles or burning pain in the left or right side of the quadrant, is usually the result of softening of the supporting ligaments and discs due to an increase in the hormone progesterone during the initial stage. . In some cases, urinary tract infection during pregnancy can also lead to back pain among pregnant women. The extra weight of a pregnant woman’s body and the shift in her center of gravity also result in backaches and pain.

Remedies for back pain during pregnancy

The most important and safe remedy for treating back pain early in pregnancy is exercise. This is mainly because certain back pain medications are contraindicated during early pregnancy. Walking, pelvic rocking, bridges (lying on the floor, bending your knees, and lifting your buttocks in the air), mini crunches (lying on the floor), bending your knees, and lifting your head on the exhale are good exercises for pain relief of the backpack during early pregnancy. Pregnant women do these exercises on their own to relieve back pain.

Correct body posture and good body mechanics also play an important role in avoiding back pain in early pregnancy. The correct posture for back pain prevention is to stand tall and straight. However, the importance of correct posture is as essential in early pregnancy as before. However, late in pregnancy, as the uterus grows, one tends to pull the shoulders back to compensate for the extra weight, resulting in back strain. You can reduce this pain during later stages in that position by frequently changing your sitting position and avoiding standing for long periods.

Adequate rest and sleep are also essential to avoid or eliminate back pain early in pregnancy. You should rest properly and avoid strenuous activities to avoid it during your pregnancy. You can also do normal yoga exercises to get rid of minor pain. However, if it persists, you should see your doctor and take appropriate medication to relieve your back pain. In some cases of back pain, doctors may prescribe physical therapy to relieve it. Massages and the use of special mattresses are also effective in relieving back pain during pregnancy.