National Relaxation Day?

Funny !!

Has it come to this?

Do we need a special day?

to remind us to relax?

it’s okay. So maybe it’s just me, but when I opened an email this morning announcing that today was “Natural Relaxation Day,” I laughed hysterically.

Now I realize that most people find my sense of humor a bit strange, but come on folks, are we so tense that we need a special day to relax?

Well, I guess as a nation, we probably are and we probably will.

Are you still laughing?

If not, try saying this out loud 3 times, fast:

Ha ha.


Hee hee hee.


Laughter will help you relax, by the way. It is the best medicine to relax and heal yourself as well.

So find the humor in everything. Life is full of absurdities, so start looking for them. And when you find them, have a good laugh.

So here’s an absurdity to get you going in the laughter / relaxation department.

I can’t find an outdoor thermometer that gives the correct temperature. I’ve been looking for weeks locally, and they just don’t seem to exist in the size and type that I need. This was not true a few years ago, but all the ones I take home are off 4-6 degrees or more.

I even noticed in a hardware store that there were 3 outdoor thermometers of exactly the same size and each one showed a different temperature. Do the people in the store care? They hadn’t noticed, and even when I pointed it out, they didn’t take out those pieces of trash.

Now I could cry and tear my hair out, but instead, I’m just laughing. How ridiculous that the quality of the products has reached this pathetic level. No integrity at all.

It’s really a good sign, because we can’t get much worse than this, so things are likely to get better soon. At least that is what I am creating in my personal reality.

Ready for the absurd n. 2?

I keep running into all kinds of technical problems with the software I use on the internet, and I have to call the companies involved and get technical help.

This seems to be increasing as well lately. A call that I had to wait an hour to receive. I thought it was a big technical problem that affected a lot of people, but I decide to hold on in case it was just my account.

I finally have a very nice woman on the line who told me that the technicians were working on the issue. I replied that I suspected it was something like that.

To my surprise, the woman thanked me deeply for not insulting her.

She explained that the last person she had spoken to who called had cursed her.

So I gave him some emotional / spiritual support, telling him not to take it personally, that everyone is stressed these days (like … not relaxed), and that it was the other person’s problem, no her. She was grateful.

Now I am not laughing at the plight of women. But what I noticed is that this was the second time in 24 hours that I found myself providing support to the support person I called.

That makes me think of my spiritual service. Has changed? Am I destined to stop talking to animals and just call the helplines to help the people who answer the phones? (Please tell me that you can feel the irony here).

Absurd # 3

I needed a new, travel-type soap dish with an attached lid that stays closed when you close it.

I couldn’t find one locally anywhere, but finally, with fall and the start of school, Bed, Bath, and Beyond had a few. It had a written label on it, but I didn’t bother to read it. I assumed it was just a company name tag. So I bought it for around $ 2 and brought it home.

When I got home and cut the label, I decided it had more print than just a name, so I took out my reading glasses and what do you imagine I read?

Come on, this can be an interactive blog.

Let your imagination fly.

What could I have said?


It said this soap dish had antibiotics men the plastic that is not washed and it will prevent things from growing in your soap dish.

Part of my mind said, “Is this real?”

Another voice in my head said, “Are people so afraid of getting sick?”

The first voice said: “Yes, let’s distribute more antibiotics so that the few remaining ones that work also stop working.”

My I Am Presence said: “Throw it away and wash your hands well!”

So I did it.

I also laughed a lot.

Friends, we have to stop being so afraid of everything and start being in our personal power.

Ready to start!


Find something fun in your daily life.

Find something absurd.

Laugh at that.

Laugh at that.

Belly laughs at that.

And relax!

Happy National Relaxation Day –

I hope you are celebrating.