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Key benefits of buying a used car

Buying a vehicle is a serious and expensive purchase, so take your time and do your research before deciding which car to buy. There are many things to consider, including price, specifications, car insurance, and payment methods. When looking to buy a car, many people are faced with the dilemma of buying a used versus […]

Of all the 2012 SUV models, which one is the best?

It makes no sense to choose the best SUV model of 2012, because the “best” depends on the customer. Since each driver has different needs and preferences, what is “best” for one person may not be “best” for another. Price is the biggest consideration for most people when deciding which car is best for them. […]

Chevrolet Corvettes are overrated

The modern Corvette is an interesting car. Definitely cool by standards and fast for most, but is it overrated? My personal opinion: yes. And here is why. The Corvette is one of America’s automobile icons and has been since its inception in 1953, but today it seems to me like it’s just a shell of […]

The best hybrid cars

The BMW 5 Series was the first model to introduce the controversial ‘flame’ design that divided opinion. We’ve always been fans though, so we were eager to see if the latest design would hit the mark as well. We think BMW has done it right again with a dynamic and thoroughly contemporary design that keeps […]

Bentley Flying Spur Indian Launch

When it comes to the extraordinary luxury sedan, one brand that always has looks is Bentley, especially after the company launched its new edition Bentley Flying Spur. Not only because of its incredible speed, but this powerful unit is for those who love to enjoy uncompromising performance along with unfettered luxury. From the handcrafted hides […]