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How to become a songwriter – 2

So where do the songs come from? It starts as an idea in the writer’s head and is then followed by the songwriting process to receive the royalty checks. He tried to write from within based on his natural and spiritual experiences. Once you come up with the story, condense it. Here are some tips […]

Equipment financing before the end of 2014

It’s hard to believe, but 2014 is coming to a close in a hurry, which means it’s time for many companies to review their finances for the year and make a last-minute push for whatever major organizational goals they have. If you’ve been considering purchasing some new equipment for your business, starting the financing process […]

does a plumber have to be licensed

plumber have to be licensed Unless you’re a licensed plumber, it’s illegal for you to perform plumbing work in most jurisdictions. To become a licensed plumber, you must first complete a training program and pass a licensing exam. Licensing requirements are usually determined at the state level, although individual cities and counties often have their […]

Turbo Tax Small Business – A good accounting tax filing solution for small managers and owners

Operating rental properties, and especially a portfolio of rental properties, can result in skyrocketing charges for accounting and legal fees. Managing these costs, supporting your needs the right way, protecting the interests of your investors, protecting yourself from liability is a tremendously challenging requirement that requires understanding where you can “self-serve” and how you can […]

Top 10 Domain Name Tips

1. Choose a keyword-rich domain name. Like or to reflect your products or services 2. Buy an existing/expired domain name. Google ranks old domains higher, so look for domains that are at least 1 year old. Use to verify the domain, including checking for a spoofed page rank. 3. Choose a TLD […]

Work from home using eBay

Everyone would like to be their own boss and have more control over their private life and career. One way to do this is to set up your own home-based business. Working from home has many different advantages: • You choose your own working hours and days • Stay closer to your family, friends and […]

Outsourcing vs. Captive operations: which model is the most suitable for your company?

While the feasibility of using offshore/nearshore resources for the delivery of certain business activities or processes has already been established, the long-term strategic feasibility and appropriateness of various engagement models are still under scrutiny. The most common approaches today are to work with a third-party outsourcing provider or to set up captive operations in lower-cost […]