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Choosing an IT Recruitment Agency

Looking for IT employees? Regardless of how long your company has been recruiting, you’ve likely discovered that searching for candidates is a complicated process. Receiving the desired quantity and quality of resumes becomes difficult for businesses of all sizes due to several factors, including: 1. Brand recognition. Information technology and other related careers often seek […]

news until you puke

I hear too much news. I feel like if I don’t, I’ll miss the Second Coming, the spreading Tsunami, the coming meteor, the melting water from the glaciers, a solar flare that could fry me, an alien invasion, or the next terrorist attack that was promised for the past four years. Because I don’t want […]

Why can’t men remember anniversaries?

Do you have trouble remembering special dates like birthdays, vacations, wedding anniversaries? To find out why, let’s see which dates we can remember and which we can’t: birthday Everyone can remember their own date of birth even though most of us have trouble remembering the actual day of our birth! So why do we remember […]

Signs of a successful small business owner

When starting a new business, there are numerous signs that can indicate whether or not you are succeeding as an entrepreneur. A small business can be risky. This is particularly true if you specialize in a niche where larger companies already excel. However, if you show some particular qualities, it is a sign that you […]

Eaten Alive (1977) Movie Review

Synopsis Robert Englund plays an extremely obnoxious guy named Buck, who has a really funny line at the beginning of the movie. When he talks about the unlucky prostitute Clara Wood played by Roberta Collins. He says, “I’m Buck and I’m ready to fuck,” to Clara, the would-be hooker. Buck tries to have anal sex […]

Health insurance plan: which is the best?

Finding the best health insurance plan is important for several reasons: * You want to be able to get health care for yourself and your family members whenever you need it. People without health insurance are less likely to receive preventive care and to let medical problems go until they become serious. * You want […]