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All about ASAP, FYI and FYA

ONE day a colleague turned to me and asked: “What is FYI?” “For your information.” “What is FYA?” “For your action.” “What is WRT?“ “With reference to …” Before the conversation got any longer, I quickly looked up a website with acronyms used in business communications and emailed it to him. This conversation made me […]

The Beginner’s Solitaire Manual

Solitaire is a card game that generally involves a single player. The cards are dealt from a deck that has been well shuffled. They are placed on the playing surface in an arrangement that follows predefined rules and limitations. The player can then play solitaire by organizing the deck through starting moves to replace cards […]

Married to a Chinese

Daria and Alvin’s love story Daria and Alvin put online on one of the websites where people exchange languages. It was March 2014 and at that time she was living in Harbin (North China) and he was living in Shanghai. They have started exchanging letters and emails as friends. After several months, they couldn’t imagine […]

What does a paralegal do from day to day?

Paralegals assist attorneys in providing legal services. They work under the supervision of a lawyer. One of the most important tasks of a paralegal is helping attorneys prepare for corporate closings, hearings, trials, and meetings. Paralegals serve as support staff for attorneys by collecting and analyzing information relevant to court cases. They perform any function […]