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Younger Next Year: A Book Review

I wanted to review a book on “Younger Next Year” by Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge, MD because of the benefit I got from the information in the book. I was depressed and depressed from getting older and having more and more health problems, when my friend Dan sent me the book and it […]

Public Speaking: Creative Old School Visuals

Before the speakers used PowerPoint, there were overhead projectors, flip charts, brochures, and whiteboards. Before that, there were slide projectors and movie projectors. Sometimes people wore accessories. Before that, there were blackboards and before that, well, there were only speakers! And believe it or not, the speakers were very effective, even without images. There is […]

Preview of the NBA conference finals

The NBA Conference Finals are usually a good time. Two expected heavyweights and two upsets in the NBA’s final four should continue that trend. Even better, without the Cleveland LeBronaliers, we’ll be dealt with four complete teams not running a “stand by and watch that guy” offense. Ok, maybe 3½ depending on how Kobe feels. […]

Is being frugal the same as being cheap?

As we search for the great deals, cut and organize coupons incessantly, and shop for the sales, the question comes to mind … Why? Are we just cheap coupon queens? Don’t we have “something better” to do with our time? Are we never satisfied? Is there no method to our madness? Does any of this […]