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study abroad in india

An India study abroad program will take you to an amazing land full of history, intrigue, spirituality, and natural wonders. If you are in India in the month of November for a semester abroad, you can visit the small town of Pushkar for the world’s largest camel festival. Not only will you be able to […]

Glass of beer

(Chapter story, ‘The Drinking Room’) Jerry fills the glass by holding it, talks, remembers, dreams, thinks, wishes, looks, walks around the table, ends up looking at his glass again, inside his glass, the foam inside the glass, opens his mouth without knowing it, the bubbles and foam are disappearing, he sees them dissolve, as if […]

The Crack Creation Guide

In this rift crafting guide, you will learn that crafting refers to creating or upgrading items that are used in the game. Crafting professions generally rely on materials being collected, crafted by other players, or purchased from NPC vendors. This means that crafting professions produce useful items. Here, characters can create items from resources such […]