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A Guide to Testosterone-Rich Foods

If you suffer from depression, low sex drive, or problems with sexual function, you may be experiencing low testosterone levels. If this is indeed the case, one way to tackle the problem is to try eating foods that are high in testosterone. A testosterone diet is easy to maintain, as long as you are aware […]

carnival psychic readings

Many people consult psychics. It is a fact that little by little it is becoming more popular; many people over the years have based some of the most important decisions of their lives on guidance received from the spirit world, interpreted by a genuine medium. And there is the lie, the crux: genuine. When you […]

The Acai Berry – The Oprah Winfrey Diet

Whatever your goal, the Acai berry can help. Most people follow the Acai diet to lose weight. The diet received worldwide media attention after Oprah Winfrey revealed on her self-titled show that Acai had been the secret to her recent dietary success, following the Acai weight loss plan she managed to shave an incredible 4 […]

What kind of empath are you?

Are you an empath? You know that you are sensitive and your strongest psychic sense is in the feeling. For fun, take the quiz to find out what type you are. Circle in your head or write which one applies. 1. You have a sudden, horrible stomach ache. The logical mind says it was a […]

home remedies for yeast infection

Medical statistics have shown that approximately 80% of the population suffers from Candida. Both women and men suffer from yeast infections. In this article we will discuss home remedies for yeast infections in women as well as some of the causes of yeast infections. A yeast infection, also known as yeast infection (pronounced: can-dih-die-uh-sis), is […]