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What is gothic makeup?

Gothic makeup is a contrast between black and white and gives the wearer a rather ominous looking presence. This type of makeup is a subculture that started in Europe in the 1980s after the punk movement. The punk movement was started by a group of young people who liked a certain type of music. While […]

A Complete Guide to Baby Bathtubs

Bath nests, seats, supports … looking for a baby bath can be disconcerting for the new parent or future parent. Whether you’re still waiting for a newcomer, or your elbows are sunk in diaper changes and late-night feedings, you will certainly have enough to worry about without having to navigate the complicated world of baby […]

Avocado for vaginal yeast infection

There is no one food that is the complete answer to yeast infection, but avocados are an example of a food that is effective in restoring the proper intestinal context to stop an aggravated vaginal infection. Does this mean that an eating plan that includes avocado will help patients get better and recover faster? Well […]