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Free Metro PCS Ringtones

Metro PCS was a service provider that was known as a flat-rate carrier for roaming subscribers in a limited area. It has now introduced Travel Talk, an add-on to its plans that allows subscribers to roam in any US metropolitan area. If the subscriber travels to another Metro PCS city, there is no additional charge […]

The truth about Internet access providers

There are dozens of Internet access providers today. Many of these Internet access providers have different means of accessing the Internet. All Internet access providers also have variable rates. If you don’t know the differences in Internet Service Providers, let this be your guide to the truth about Internet Service Providers. First, you should be […]

How search engine optimization works

Search engine optimization is improving the ranking of your website in search engines, Google, Bing, etc. through natural methods. This is not pay for advertising or pay per click (PPC) as it is often called. Today, 97 percent of local consumers use the Internet to search for a product. Visibility for your brand, website, product, […]

happiness is a habit

Simply put, happiness is a habit. So can we train ourselves to be happy? According to Wray Herbert, as noted in Newsweek, “Research shows that our brains have certain hard-wired propensities that could be exploited. For example, our brains tend to register facts we frequently hear as true, even if they are patently false. As […]