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10 Lies Black Women Tell Themselves

1. White women are stealing from black men. Trust me, no one is stealing them. It is your choice to date outside of your race. And what if they are? Love is love and it comes in all colors, shapes and sizes. Sistas need to stop growling at Caucasian women who choose to be with […]

In search of the Muong Luan tower, Vietnam

Unusually heavy rains had washed out many roads in Viet Nam, including the road in Pa Bat. A crowd drinking beer, tea, coffee and smoking had gathered in a nearby building to watch the action of an idle machine, a combination backhoe and motor grader, carrying out the repair. A mound of dirt lay across […]

Why does racism continue?

Racism has been around forever, it seems. It is an issue within the halls of Congress. People always say it’s not racist, but racism doesn’t go away. Why does racism continue when so many people claim to be in favor of equal rights for all? Colin Kaepernick tried to bring the problems to public attention […]

The Ballad of Buck Helm

Buck Helm was one of those trapped on the bridge that collapsed along Interstate 880 during the October 21, 1989 earthquake. He died shortly after a dramatic rescue. The poem is a tribute to him and the others caught up in the San Francisco earthquake. The Ballad of Buck Helm San Francisco is so sublime […]

Fantasy Football Preview – Rank K

Tier 1 1. Adam Vinatieri (Colts) bye week: 6 years: 34 -For the second year in a row, the Colts’ perennial Pro Bowler tops our kicking rankings. Still sharp as nails at 34, Vinatieri is money in the bank within 50 metres. Playing on indoor turf, as well as being backed by the powerful Colts […]

Understanding Multiple Intelligences

“I am a visual learner.” commented a workshop participant. “But they tell me the only way I can learn is by doing. For me, I need both.” Building a culture requires an understanding of learning, especially if you want people to learn new tools that they can apply to change behavior. One thing to remember, […]