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Inside the Boxscores Week 7 Part 2

Inside the Boxscores is a weekly feature that has been widely recognized as the best roundup in college football. This article takes an in-depth look at each game and extracts the most relevant information that will help you in future handicap games. College football is full of wacky plays, misleading scores, and unexpected endings. It […]

Information you need to know about keeping finches

It’s easy to see why finches have become so popular as house pets. Finches make great pets for almost everyone, including people who live in apartments, families with children, and families with other pets. There is a wide variety of colors, patterns, and personalities among finches. Some of the more popular varieties of finch are […]

Gab Session – The craziest of marches

How good will this NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament be? I mean, sure, the George Mason thing was amazing last year, and let’s not forget Wichita St. and Bradley made the Sweet 16, LSU upset Duke, Kansas lost in the first round for the second year in a row, a #14 seed. (Northwestern St.) upset […]

Why are race car tires filled with nitrogen?

We all know that race cars tend to be very different from your average family saloon; They have different tires, more powerful engines (obviously!), no need for rear seats or much trunk space. So it won’t be surprising to hear that they even fill your tires with a different gas. You probably fill your tires […]

Cold calling to make money: the 7 second rule

If you have the sales skills to generate new business for your company and can reach decision makers in a company, as a salesperson, you have little time to implement a successful first contact with this person. Decision makers are sold in every way about every hour. Like clockwork, potential companies or vendors reach out […]