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Virtual presentations that work

Executives from Fortune 100 companies are leading their organizations to hold more meetings using electronic conferencing software (eg, Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro, WebEx). Technical communicators worry that the limitations of the medium will severely diminish the effectiveness of their presentations. They want to prepare themselves to develop and run electronic meetings that are engaging, interactive, […]

Top 10 Business Achievers

They are men and women from diverse cultures and from different backgrounds, some with impressive academic records, while others barely finished high school; however, the one thing that is common is the great courage and determination of these people to achieve their dreams. Here’s a look at the accomplishments of ten such extraordinary people. Bill […]

Surviving my life as a military wife

In 2007 I married the love of my life! He’s charming, funny, a great listener, and the best friend I’ve ever had. We still understand each other, even after eleven years of wedded bliss. It hasn’t always been easy, but somehow we made it work. When we got married that fall day, I had no […]

Qualities of Successful People: Part Three of a Three-Part Series

In the Qualities of Successful People, Parts 1 and 2, the list of qualities included: Integrity, Honesty, Persistence/Perseverance, Ability to handle adversity, Passion, Focus, Positive Energy, Accepting Responsibility for your actions, Dreamer, Taker of Risks, Belief in themselves, Resilient, Take Action and Goal Setters. Part 3 will contain the final six qualities of successful people […]

What is Online Reputation Management or ORM?

Once your business is online and especially if you have a presence on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+), people are likely to talk about your business. It’s great if everything said is positive, although there will inevitably be negative comments related to your company’s brand. As a small business owner, you probably don’t have the […]

Online gambling with PayPal

Whether you’re a fan of online poker or bingo, enjoy sports betting, or play popular online casino games, PayPal is a great option for safely depositing funds into your gaming accounts. PayPal is one of the most popular and trusted ‘online wallet’ systems, allowing you to manage your gaming funds online with convenience and security. […]

How to network and conquer social media

The possibilities of earning income through the use of Internet technologies are truly endless. One of the most effective methods that you need to learn and incorporate into your internet page is the crucial principle of networking. This important concept is best understood as the skills of speaking and relating to as many people, either […]