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Increase sales: the 3 S’s of sales success

How many times have you caught yourself making things more complicated than necessary? How many times have you caused yourself headaches because you made things more difficult than they are? How often do you step back and review where you are, where you are going, and how you will get there? Maybe today is as […]

Quick and easy foreplay for couples

You would think that sex would never be boring. Unfortunately, sometimes we allow ourselves to get into a rut. Everyone craves the thrill of doing something new and different. If you want to reignite your passion for each other, try playing a few couple games inside or outside the bedroom. Here are some fun DIY […]

best video marketing strategy

Are you trying to find the best video marketing strategy? With more and more people using a high-speed Internet connection, watching videos online has become more and more common. So what is the best way to take advantage of this new trend? How can you create videos that consistently drive traffic to your websites? It’s […]

How Do I Create a Brand Website in WordPress?

Brand Website in WordPress Whether you’re running a business or building a website for fun, you have to put some thought into your brand. Your site communicates a lot about your brand to anyone who visits it, even if you don’t create a specific branding strategy. Your colors, fonts and layout send a message, and […]

voice ringtones

Voice ringtones are recordings similar to celebrity sounds for ringtones or text message alerts. Instead of monophonic, polyphonic or musical ringtones, mobile users now choose voice tones as ringtones. You can even download celebrity voice tones from websites, often for free. Even mobile phone manufacturers like Motorola, Nokia and Sony Ericsson are marketing voice ringtones. […]

Fear pushes, vision pulls

This saying really resonated with me the first time I heard it. I was selling on the phone at the time and knew all about being driven by fear. I was afraid that if I didn’t meet the quota they would fire me. I was afraid that if I didn’t close any business before the […]