First some interesting facts; by 2015, video content represented 50% of online traffic and this will increase to 77% by 2017 according to Forrester research. Slightly more, 64% of viewers watch more than three-quarters of every video they stumble upon and 93% share the same according to ComScore. Without going any further, it is obvious that video production is the future of corporate communication, whether in education, branding or advertising.

So how do you take advantage of this as a company? You have to make productions that please the client. Here are some tips on how to master this innovative communication tool:

1. Bank of professional experience

You may have an in-house film crew, but without the necessary training and exposure in this field, you won’t be able to create quality videos. An expert brings objectivity, fresh ideas and technical expertise in managing equipment as well as consultative insights on how best to bring your story to life on screen.

2. Create a Consultative Script

If corporate video production is going to make an impact, then get everyone online. You need to brainstorm and get as many ideas as you can. If possible, hire a screenwriter to outline these ideas in a logical sequence. You need to have an idea of ​​what the final product will look like. A script is a roadmap for a successful movie, and without it, your campaign is doomed.

3. Define the audience

If you are a toy manufacturer, your marketing format will not be the same as a furniture supplier. You can use 2D/3D animations to capture children’s imagination, but explanatory content might be more suitable for target adults. In any case, you must know the aspirations of your audience and make sure that you convince them that using your products and services is the best way to fulfill them.

4. Tell a compelling story

Captivating content is always short and to the point. If you’re creating an explainer video about a new product, avoid brand marketing because viewers are more interested in the new item than your company. In essence, make sure you have a specific message in your production. If possible, include a true story about a customer whose life has been changed by your product and include it there.

5. Learn from the best

In film making, it is permissible to adapt other sellers’ styles as long as it does not infringe copyright. Look at the best commercials in your niche and try to come up with a script along the same lines without being too obvious.

6. Optimize for search engines

As a general rule, you should optimize your keywords in the content before launching the commercial. This will help you rank high for your specific keyword. Also, you need to promote the video on social media, YouTube and other platforms.

There you go; all you need is a professional video production company that understands your business to oversee the process.