RTA cabinets are slowly gaining popularity because they are easy to install and cost much less compared to traditional custom built cabinets. RTA cabinets now come in several different shapes, attractive designs, and stunning styles that can really complement your home decor. These days are very easy to purchase and can be delivered to your home in less than 3 weeks. Assembling these cabinets is not a difficult task because they come with clear installation instructions.

The demand for RTA cabinets is increasing tremendously, which is why they are now manufactured in a wide range of finishes. So, now let us discuss the different RTA kitchen cabinet designs.

1. Windsor Maple
The Windsor Maple finish is perfect for traditionally decorated homes. These cabinets come in a semi-gloss enamel with a natural wood color and are finished with fine architectural details. Additional features added to these specialty cabinets are heavy-duty drawer slides, soft-close handles, and concealed European hinges.

2. Ginger maple finish
Ginger Maple is a very popular finish on RTA cabinets that is preferred by many people. These cabinets have a unique look that can look good in any kitchen decor. Solid plywood sides are used to create a seamless finish that can really give your kitchen a classy look. Some additional features you may find on Ginger Maple cabinets are epoxy drawer slides, Roman arch cabinet doors, and raised panel doors.

3. Cherryville Cabinets
All the doors and front frames of Cherryville RTA cabinets are made of solid maple wood with a glossy cherry finish that can really attract your guests and friends. European hinges and solid plywood sides and mountable drawer slides are some of the added features of these cabinets. In Cherryville cabinets, the drawer boxes are wood-stained on all sides.

4. Maple at sunset
Sunset Maple is a more elegant addition to the Oak and Ginger Maple cabinets. These cabinets are in a bright cherry color that adds a sophisticated look to your kitchen. All doors are made of solid maple with four molded sides. Additional features of this fine finish are epoxy drawer slides, solid plywood cabinet, Sunset Maple finish, and concealed European hinges.

5. Fall Shaker Line
Cabinets with the Autumn Shaker RTA finish add a unique look to your kitchen décor. In this line you will find Shaker Panel doors, miter doors, assembly drawer slides and dovetail drawer units. This cabinet is perfect for remodeling a modern and contemporary kitchen.

Well, these are some of the best amazing designs and styles that are included in the RTA kitchen cabinet collection.