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If you are thinking of the more than 145,000 word references with more than 200,000 definitions and approximately 1,200,000 vocabulary relationships between the definitions, mastering the English language is no easy feat. People are always looking for better ways to sort and filter the results they process before speaking. Humorous English proverbs can help you with slang expressions to use on social outings.

Challenge his story – Call his bluff

Catch On – Learn to do something

Cracks Me up- Adverb to make me laugh

Drop In (On) – Verb To visit without calling first or without an invitation

Fat Cat Verb: a rich or wealthy person

Most used words in English High Frequency Spelling Words

If you suffer from poor vocabulary use often and have been unable to find a way to use the language effectively, you may find some of the vocabulary words below helpful. Although this language can be difficult to learn, it is quite easy to understand what you need to communicate well.

  • Structure, restructure, restructured, restructure, restructure, structural, structurally, structured, structures, structuring, unstructured The word in the current dictionary that has the greatest repetitiveness of use would be structure
  • Create, created, creates, creating, creation, creations, creatively, creatively, creativity, creator, creators, recreate, recreated, recreates, recreating The current English word that has the extreme recurrence of use would be to create
  • Greater, majorities, majority The term that has the highest frequency of use would be greater
  • environment, environmental, environmentalist, environmentalists, environmentally, environments, set, unset, unset, unset, unset, unset, unset The current word that has the most abundance of usage would be environment
  • Principle, principled, principled, unprincipled, precede, procedural The term with the highest prevalence of use is principle
  • process, process, process, process, require The word in English that has the greatest constancy of use is process
  • Section, sectioned, sectioned, sections The current English word with the highest repetition of usage would be section
  • Issues, issuing The current English word that has the greatest abundance of usage would be issues.
  • Derived, derives, derives, distributes, distributes, distributes Derived has the highest current usage for this vocalization association
  • Analysis, analyst, analysts, analytical, analytical, analytically, analyze, analyzed, analyzes, analyzing Currently the most frequently used word is analysis

good tongue twisters wrap yourself in words

If you’ve ever tried to use language in the workplace and stumbled across words, you’re not pumping your brain with enough new vocabulary words. Visit some vocabulary word sites and gain new language skills with tongue twisters. It is an absolute challenge for your tongue and it will improve your speaking, not to mention you will have some girls in your peer group. With practice, the result can be… No fumbling with vocabulary words, no misuse of language, no miscommunication.

To help you get the most out of your vocabulary, repeat these tongue twisters below.

  • Two toads, totally tired.
  • Peggy Bacock.
  • Will you do it, William?
  • What time does the bracelet shop close?
  • The blue bird blinks.
  • Nine nice night nurses breastfeeding very well.
  • When a doctor gets sick, another doctor is the doctor.
  • preshrunk silk shirts
  • greek grapes.
  • college slang

    Another great way to learn how to communicate with young people is to understand much of the jargon used in colleges. It’s a great way to “shoot the breeze” with fellow college classmates.

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