Bringing home a cute puppy can be one of the memorable moments of your life. But the most difficult thing is to take care of it properly. If you have no previous experience in handling a dog, then it will be a challenging task for you. However, it does not mean that only experienced people have the exclusive rights to have a pet, if you know the technical aspects and procedures of proper puppy grooming, you could also become the parent of an ideal pet and live a happy life. with her dog.

Before giving you the necessary care tips for your puppy, I want to explain how important it is. If you don’t know the importance of grooming, you won’t find the dedication to do it. So, let’s take a look at the reasons why you should get serious about puppy grooming:

Like human babies, young puppies are very delicate, weak, and cuddly. If they are not cared for properly, they could easily become ill or weak, which could have an adverse effect on their health. Your cute and cuddly fluff ball requires physical maintenance to look, feel, and stay healthy.

Taking care of your puppy also makes the bond between the two of you even stronger. Your puppy begins to recognize you and you become a special person in his life. And this friendship will go on and on.

Regular care of your puppy allows you to identify any health-related problems or abnormalities early, so that you can take preventive measures at the right time before it becomes serious.

Now that you know the value of treating your puppy properly, it’s time to share some of the grooming tips you can take:

Keep your puppy in a clean place The first thing to do after bringing a puppy home is to arrange a clean, hygienic, and spot-free abode for him. In kennels, a puppy lives with several other dogs and puppies in highly unsanitary conditions. Therefore, it is essential to keep your pet in a germ-free and sanitized place. You can easily find specific cleaning products at a dog grooming store to disinfect your furry friend’s home.

Prepare your puppy for grooming sessions. Your pet may not find the cleaning sessions exciting at first, but it is important to introduce him to the cleaning process early, as puppies learn best between 7 and 16 weeks. Keep in mind that you are not putting your pet in a bathtub right away. Get him used to the different cleaning processes gradually and introduce him slowly with clippers, combs, clippers, brushes and other cleaning products. Patience is the key to success when cleaning your dog.

Bathing your puppy You cannot give him a bath until he is one month old. After three months, you can bathe him once a week, and according to dog grooming experts, it is a good idea to bathe your puppy when he is noticeably dirty or smelly. However, the time between baths will vary from dog to dog. Soak a clean, soft cloth in warm water mixed with shampoo and gently wipe the puppy from head to tail. Do not apply any cleansing agent directly to your skin. After that, use a clean towel to remove excess moisture from the puppy. You can also run a hair dryer to rinse it off. Keep in mind that puppies’ skin is very sensitive, so it is best to use quality cleaning products such as shampoo or soap from a reputable dog grooming store.

Trim nails Trimming the nails is the task that worries most of the dog owners. Although puppies’ toenails generally don’t grow very long, you should keep him abreast of the process so that in the future, when he develops a longer toenail, it will be easier for you to trim them. Bring him to your lap and place his paw in your hand without squeezing your toe. Hold the toe firmly and start cutting the nail with a nail clipper. It is suggested to use small size nail clippers for better control.

Regular physical maintenance is an essential part of responsible puppy care. It would be right for you if you set a strategy and do one task at a time, such as bathing your puppy the first day, brushing him the next, and trimming his nails another day.