With football season approaching in full force, bookmakers around the world are eager to see their business pick up. There is no question that the NFL enjoys part of its success because of the sheer number of people who bet on the game. I personally love being in soccer, so today we are going to see how to make winning soccer teams.

Now obviously the sportsbooks and casinos do so well because the odds are in their favor. The bottom line is that most sports players lose. However, not everyone does it and it is entirely possible to make money from sports betting if you take the right approach.

Successful betting on the NFL requires a fair amount of discipline because most people have a need to bet on many games rather than just one or two. And to be honest, there will be no value in that many weekly games.

However, the NFL is a sport that you can benefit from if you have the discipline to only bet on games that have some value. Of course, you need to know how to find those games!

Let me share a couple of tips that may be helpful.

First of all, I think the home field advantage in the NFL is HUGE. Teams love to play at home. Who wouldn’t love to have 70,000 fans cheering for them at full volume!

The standard “rule” is to add 3 points to the home team’s bet line. so if it hurts the game you feel the home team should be a 4 point favorite before factoring in home team advantage then you would move the line from -4 to -7 as they are playing at home.

However, you can’t just assign the same value to home team advantage for every team! Some squads are better than others when it comes to playing at home. There are also teams that just don’t seem to respond as favorably to being at home as others. Identifying these teams can be extremely cost effective.

Of course, this is just one thing to look for. Stay tuned as we will be posting many more articles with tips on how to win NFL sports betting.