Thinking of switching to high-speed Internet access from the much slower dial-up connection you currently have? You are not alone. It has become essential and affordable to have 24/7 connections. There are three types of high-speed access in addition to satellite connections. Digital Service Line (DSL), Cable, and Wireless connections are provided by companies for monthly fees that are not as high as a satellite connection. These are just the things for a web surfer looking for fast streaming and fast downloading online videos.

Verizon is one of the largest DSL providers in the United States, providing Internet access at speeds of up to 768 kbps for downloads and 128 kbps for uploads. The service costs $34.95 per month and comes with a personalized home page, 10 MB of web space, and 9 email accounts. The first month of services is free.

But if you prefer to connect through your cable operator, then Comcast is a good provider. Their current $50 cash back offer also gives customers a free cable modem and wireless router for $19.99 for six months. You need a connection for the whole family and the download speed is 70 times faster than a regular dial-up modem.

Frequent travelers prefer wireless connections to other high-speed connections. Boingo Wireless provides a connection for $21.95 per month and is available at countless locations across the country and in the lobbies of major hotels in the United States.