Gone are the days when people lived in houses with white painted walls, regular light bulbs, and marriage and family photos in standardized picture frames.

The current trend is to have ‘living walls’ that can speak for themselves. Each with their own identity and telling their own story! People like to decorate their bedroom walls in a themed style that totally matches their personality, lifestyle and also suits their needs.

To each his own, as they say! Today the market is flooded with ideas to decorate the walls of your bedroom. Even if you are not good at interiors, the internet can be your best friend to mix and match and you can add your touch of creativity and personalize the bedroom walls.

All you need to have is a broad understanding of colors and the image of what your bedroom would look like. Dark colored walls would make the room look smaller and light colors would add more space to your room.

The bedroom wall decoration should be seen on two levels. Decoration can be done at the Macro and Micro level.


The wallpapers, to decorate the wall fit perfectly in the Frame section. A wallpaper with a large pattern and a solid color could totally go with a bold and bold personality.

However, a small pattern, with subtle pastel work would add more flavor to your home décor if you are the friendly neighborhood type.

If you are planning to decorate a guest room, floral wallpaper on the walls can work magic on your environment and make your guests feel warm, welcoming and special.


When it comes to decorating the bedroom on a Micro level, it’s always a good idea to match the wall color to your age and stage of life.

• A DIY photo collage with string lights could be a great idea for a college student or bachelor. While a rustic and antique wall decoration could say a lot about your rich and elegant lifestyle.

• If you have a penchant for modern style and decoration, you can choose the bohemian geometric pattern style to decorate your bedroom walls.

• People who have a penchant for creativity can surely add a touch of handwork to their wall decor.

• Quilted Art, Wood Mosaic Wall Art, Wall Mounted Painting, Antique Letters, Handmade Custom Signature Paintings, Instagram Photos, Concept Art Work, Glass Painting, Painted Glass Vase, Wall Art honeycomb, graffiti, glitter paints, texture paint, gold polka dots, Plate art can bring a little more life to your bedroom walls.

• To make the bedroom happier, you could have the perfect mix of bright and dim lights on the wall to match the ‘mood transition’. Soft pastel feather pendants can distress and help mental relaxation.

• Kawaii painting could be another cute art form to add to your list!

When working with bedroom décor, it is always recommended to use gold and silver glitter to add a touch of royalty and make the room look cozier.