One of the most common mattress problems today is the smell of urine. If you have a child at home, this will surely bother you for quite some time. While cleaning a mattress is often challenging, there are ways to cut time and clean easily.

Here are some cool tricks that you can try at home if you encounter this problem:

Trick 1: Alcohol method

Find the area that requires your attention. This area will become discolored in addition to the pungent smell of urine. You can try sterilizing alcohol on the affected area. This method is like hitting two birds with one stone. It can eliminate the odor and can also disinfect the mattress.

This method works quickly to eliminate the odor. Best of all, it dries pretty quickly, unlike other methods that will require you to spend hours drying the mattress. So if you have time constraints, this method is for you.

Trick 2: Citrus method

The juice of a citrus fruit will surely eliminate the smell. You can try lemon, lime, orange, or calamansi. What you have at home. Extract the juice and add a little water. Put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the affected area.

It will naturally eliminate the smell of urine. The citrus smell will last maybe a few days, so your room will surely smell like summer.

Trick 3: Baking Soda Method

The baking soda trick always works well. Just get a packet of baking soda and sprinkle a little on the affected area. What it does is diffuse the smell and decrease the acidity in the mattress. Urine is acidic, so it normalizes its pH level.

After spraying on the affected area, rub it in a little to allow the powder to penetrate more deeply. Leave it there for a few minutes and then vacuum it up.

Trick 4: Baby Powder Method

If all else fails, try the baby powder method. As in the previous trick, simply sprinkle the powder over the smelly area. Rub a little and wait for it to remove the odor. Subsequently, vacuum the affected area. Choose your favorite brand of baby powder.

There you go, the tricks on how to remove the smell of urine from your mattress. Once you get rid of the smell, you can now have a comfortable sleep. Try any of these methods if you encounter this problem.