“What aspects of renting ​​student accommodation London are easily overlooked by international students? In order to ensure that everyone can enter the student accommodation smoothly, Xiaoju has sorted out these, hoping to help you solve substantive problems.

Book house time
In the UK, student accommodations are open for booking in November. At this time, local students and international students who are already abroad will start snapping up low-priced housing, especially the whole set of FLAT. There will be fewer and fewer room types and floors to choose from, and apartment prices will continue to rise with each month.

About early check-in
You need to check in according to the time stipulated in the contract. Students usually arrive a few days early, whether they can move in a few days in advance, we asked all the apartments about this question, the reply of the apartment is that after the last batch of students moved out, the apartments should be cleaned uniformly, the specific room needs. Students will check the details when they arrive at the apartment. Generally, it is 1-3 days in advance. In this case, there is a high probability that you can check in early. The specifics cannot be confirmed at present. You need to ask the apartment directly after you arrive. For students who are more than a week in advance, this is more difficult. Specifically, you have to arrive at the apartment and go directly to the apartment for consultation. If you go in advance, students cannot check in early, you can book a hotel for a few days on Booking, which is very convenient.

Regarding floor, orientation and roommate selection
Regarding the floor, students can write their own special needs when submitting the application. The apartment will try its best to meet the needs of each scheduled student on first come, first served basis. The earlier you book, the more likely you will get a room that meets your needs. As long as all students confirm the school, they must book the student accommodation in London as soon as possible. The lighting on high floors in the UK will be slightly better, so the high floors of British apartments are the fastest to rent. High floor, low floor or exact floor depends on your room type, lease period, etc.

As for the houses facing the UK, they are built along the street. There are very few houses in the UK that are directly south and north, because the building of houses in the UK hardly considers the need for lighting. In summer in the UK, it’s dawn around 4 am and dark at 10 pm. In winter in the UK, it dawns around 9:00 am and gets dark around 4:00 pm. In fact, it doesn’t make much sense to face south and north. In the UK, it is slightly better to live on high floors.

Regarding roommates in the UK, personal information is a very sensitive topic. In general, the apartment will not disclose the reserved student information to other institutions or individuals. International Students are more concerned about the nationality. For Chinese students, the apartment generally only tells you whether your roommate is a Chinese student or a non-Chinese student. For non-Chinese students, the apartment generally does not tell you the detailed nationality, because it may involve racial discrimination. Gender Apartments in the UK are generally mixed sex by default, and some FLAT is Single Flat. If students have needs for this, apartments can generally meet the needs of students.

Does the price of the student accommodation include Bill?
The prices of almost all student accommodations include water, electricity, internet and other expenses. Very few apartments have a small additional fee. Apartment gyms are generally free to use.

student accommodation reservation process
You can choose your favorite room type from a variety of different room types according to your own preferences and requirements.
Pay the deposit and sign the contract and we will assist in the entire reservation process to complete the reservation. After paying the deposit and signing the lease, please pay the rent directly to the apartment.

The above are the problems that are prone to problems in London student accommodation. student accommodations are very trivial matters. Students must deal with them patiently. On the premise of safety and security, choose a more convenient house. “