While acupuncture and acupressure are traditional traditions of clearing energy channels for better health, it is a lesser known fact that they are also aids to spiritual development. If finding an acupuncturist who knows how to open spiritual channels is a challenge, or if you don’t like needles, he can perform his own acupressure sessions at home or wherever he happens to be.

Known as finger acupuncture, tsubo point cleansing, and energy cleansing, acupressure involves finger massage or the use of crystal wands to activate certain acupuncture points. In some cases electrical stimulation is used. This provides neurostimulation of the tsubo points along the nerve and energy pathways of the body.

While this brings balance to the body’s systems and that can lead to better spiritual connections, there are certain acupressure points that are effective at stimulating intuition and spiritual channels.

To effectively shift energy from the cerebral cortex (basically the gray matter of the brain) to the medulla oblongata (the base of the brain just above the spine), you need to work on certain points that we’ll discuss in a moment. The cerebrum (cerebral cortex) houses most of our conscious movements and activities, while the medulla is the center of our ANS, the autonomic nervous system. It also houses the link to our intuitive sensibilities. Within this area of ​​the body is a special energy gate that allows the flow of spiritual energy.

Now let’s look at the stimulation points where you will apply acupressure. The bladder meridians, or bladder energy pathways, have points known as BL9 or Yuzhen. These points are located on both sides of the occipital bone. The bone found at the back and base of your skull. Then place your fingers on the back of the head, you will usually find a little dent where the right spot is and if you draw an imaginary line around the head at the top of the ears you will be in the right spot.

Gently massaging these points and applying light pressure for about 30 seconds will help create a shift from the active mind to the subconscious mind of the spinal cord and will strengthen the intuitive functions. It will slow down your metabolism and respiratory system and can become a trigger for you to shift consciousness easily and quickly. If the energy flow is poor in this area, you may feel slight pain.

Two more energetic pathways are important for developing your intuitive channels, the Conception and Ruler meridians. The Governing Meridian flows up the spine, over the head and ends at the roof of the mouth. The Meridian Design flows up the front of the body and ends at the tip of the tongue. They are united at the base of the body at a point called Hui Yin. It is located between the anus and the genitals in the perineum. When stimulated, it creates a connection between the two meridians and can stimulate the third eye and other intuitive channels. Another way to stimulate this point is through the Kegel exercises known to most women. This is not as effective as direct acupressure, but it is easily practiced wherever you are. While stimulating the point of Kegel contractions, keep the top of your tongue against the roof of your mouth, just behind your front teeth. This helps tie the two circuits together.

Linking these circuits stimulates the intuitive faculties and is also recommended in some yoga and meditation practices.

Quickly develop your intuitive abilities through acupressure. It is simple, cheap and portable.