Wildwood NJ is the term used to refer to the four New Jersey communities that have Wildwood as part of their name. These are Wildwood Crest Township, West Wildwood Township, Wildwood Township, and North Wildwood Township. Wildwood NJ is a famous vacation spot with its beautiful white sand beaches perfect for swimming, surfing or sunbathing.

The beaches get their constant fill of sand from the sand washed away from elsewhere and deposited on Wildwood Beach by the tides. You get plenty of sand for sunbathing and tanning with at least a 1.4 mile hike from your boardwalk to the waters. It has a convention center that is right next to its beach. The famous Boardwalk has dozens of attractions that appeal to young and old alike.

Wildwood is easily accessible for vacationers from Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, and Washington, although there are many visitors from elsewhere. Wildwood hotels and motels still sport the 1950s look that reminds you of bell bottoms and Elvis Presley.

Due to the influx of visitors to Wildwood, there are many people who are looking for vacation homes for their families or renting to visitors who prefer to live in real homes rather than hotels or other accommodations in Wildwood. There are a number of real estate agents in Wildwood NJ that offer real estate for sale in this area.

One of the well known real estate agents in Wildwood NJ is Wildwoods Realty, established in 1976 located right near the boardwalk and beach, which has a convenient search engine on its website that will provide you with various property options. The Keller Williams Property website also has a complete listing of properties for rent and for sale with all the details and photos. The Lees Real Estate website includes a mortgage calculator in addition to its list of properties for rent and for sale. Blue Ocean Realty, established in 2002, has grown from a team of 2 to 20 and has recently been housed in a beautiful 5000 square foot two-story office.

Other prominent Realtors in Wildwood NJ include Chris Henderson Realty, Don Martin Realty, Calloway Realty, Cabrera Realty, Gallagher Realty, and several others. Their websites include listings for a wide range of rental and sale properties with information about the Wildwood NJ area, its attractions, and a local directory of shops and services.

So whether you’re in the market to buy a family or vacation home or planning to search for a vacation rental home, the internet offers several options for Wildwood NJ real estate agents who can help.