Free radicals? Antioxidants? Yeah yeah, take vitamins A, C, E, drink lots of acai and pomegranate juices, and maybe your body can win the battle against those free radicals (weren’t they part of a prison release program in 1969?).

I read the latest research in the newspapers every day – after all, vitamin E isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to protecting your heart. Vitamin A, if taken the wrong way, can actually cause cancer. And vitamin C, well, it seems most researchers agree that you can’t go wrong with this good-kind vitamin that fights off colds while eliminating certain free radicals in your body.

However, what no one tells us is this: many vitamins help to corner some of the harmful free radicals that result from your body’s natural processes, but in fact, in the process of eliminating free radicals, these vitamins actually they create fewer new free radicals.

A relatively new network marketing company, MAX International, claims to have a revolutionary discovery in its flagship product: MAX GXL. Advertised as a glutathione accelerator that protects every cell in the body, the company relies heavily on anecdotal reports, albeit many of them from experts, including physicians and naturopaths.

So what is the problem? As a brand and business consultant, I look for certain qualities in any business to assess its ability to connect with consumers.

Management: MAX International has a strong management team: Its CEO, Peter Nordberg, has a more than credible CV that speaks to corporate longevity, innovation and customer service, especially when it comes to network marketing. Add in some heavyweights like Joe Voyticky, chief financial officer, who graduated from Harvard Law School in the same class as President Barack Obama, and you have an idea of ​​the kind of due diligence that has been applied to this. technology. The big question for me is this: is MAX a one-product phenomenon or is there more to come? The company has released news reports that they will address this issue in late June and then again in October. I’ll keep you informed.

Moment: the baby boomer generation has disposable income and is looking for ways to slow down aging. Step into the history of glutathione and how GXL impacts that concept, and the timing seems to be perfect for a ‘fountain of youth’ product. Again, expert reports and scientific evidence are paramount. If you are considering the business for yourself, do your own due diligence.

Growth potential Max International has been breaking the commercial network marketing sales record since its inception. With this year’s sales approaching $ 100 million according to some reports, Max International is definitely a company worth watching.

Whether you are MAX or another network marketing company, don’t lose sight of the best way to develop this type of business. Friends and family sell out quickly, but social media marketing techniques can help you build the kind of downline that will keep your business thriving for years. I am learning who the best players are and I am definitely enjoying the journey.