Nokia, the best mobile phone manufacturer company in the world, brings a more powerful smartphone for the users, known as E72. Nokia E series phones are more popular among business people due to its outstanding performance and splendid business applications. This does not mean that the E series phones are not intended for the common people. They can use it according to their needs as these are multifunctional devices and they work best when used as a multimedia device.

The new Nokia E72 builds on the successful formula of giving users more with its slim and precise design. This latest Nokia phone was unveiled at Nokia Connection, an event held in Singapore. The E72 phone is best equipped for users who are interested in faster response with their phones.

Slim, fast and multifunctional are three important keywords that accurately define the new Nokia E72. Most Nokia phones are best suited for sending emails, instant messaging, and browsing the Internet. The new E72 phone has the ability to work with these metrics and offers the best result to its user. Let’s discuss some of its important features that set it apart from other major phone brands.

Most of the features of the Nokia E72 are similar to those of its predecessor phone E71 (the best-selling phone to date). This Nokia mobile phone is a further enhancement of the E71 that includes some special features that can be useful for every individual. E72 has the ability to function as a PC, including QWERTY keyboard and optical navigation keys. These enhancements provide more precise navigation or scrolling through menus and offer greater panning of images.

Its 5 intensity unit megapixel camera provides much better quality of images and videos. Almost all of Nokia’s upcoming high-end phones come with a 5-megapixel camera. It means that this phone is an upgraded version of its predecessor, E71. A standard 3.5mm audio jack is another feature that the user can use to get a high-quality music experience.

Excellent connectivity and amazing features make your mobile phone more popular in the market. The owner of this device connects directly with their favorite messaging applications, such as Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, Ovi, etc.

Nokia E72 offers great email solutions along with a lifetime license to access email and messaging services. It comes with simple built-in setup to access popular email services including Gmail, Yahoo, Ovi, and Hotmail.

This phone is embedded with all business applications including Quickoffice which is compatible with MSOffice 2007. A-GPS support and compass features are two other important specifications that can be useful for its user.

This device is expected to arrive in the third quarter of 2009 at the best rates. Some of the UK online phone dealers are getting ready to offer quality mobile deals on this upcoming mobile phone. Contract Deals or Pay Monthly Deals on Nokia E72 are expected to arrive very soon at various UK online mobile stores.