Big Bad Buicks – Are you a 3 or 4 Holer?

It all started in 1949, post-war creativity gave birth to Buick’s fender hatches or ventiports. The combination of “fighter jet exhaust pipes”, along with a “bombsight” (ring through rocket) hood ornament introduced in 1946, simulated a driver’s own fighter plane. A true tribute to the men and women of the armed forces. Buick’s chief stylist, […]

The five best PS3 games for pure fun

GTA IV GTA, while having an impressive story at times, is at its finest when you allow it to be taken for what it is. I spent countless nights after a rough day playing this with my brother to see who could get the most stars without using cheats before the authorities stopped him. Nonsense […]

Learn when to use less used punctuation marks

Everyone is familiar with the most commonly used punctuation marks: the comma, the period, and the question mark. However, many people do not use the semicolon, colon, hyphen, parentheses, bracket, ellipsis, and slash when typing as much as they do with other punctuation marks. One reason could be not knowing when to use these less […]

How to use your hair dryer correctly

Although hair dryers are fast and effective, they can damage the hair fiber. Take a look at the following six rules on how to properly use your hair dryer. Keep your distance After you’ve applied an active thermal protective treatment to your locks to prevent them from drying out, go ahead and blow-dry your hair. […]