Common questions a pug breeder should answer

If you are looking for a Pug puppy, know that you are getting a very dependent breed of dog. Due to their unnatural squashed faces, Pugs tend to have a lot of respiratory problems. Due to their wrinkled skin and flattened faces, they have trouble cleaning themselves. Due to their large eyes, they often injure […]

Tips for the real estate leasing option

There are two sides to every coin when it comes to leasing options. Here are some tips on real estate leasing options that balance the coin to landing on your edge, benefiting both buyer and seller. A lease option is a lease with an option for the tenant to purchase the property, usually within a […]

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

Robert Downey Jr. has an uncanny talent for dazzling audiences in all the roles he is positioned in. His performances are huge, from a Los Angeles Times columnist in this year’s heartfelt drama The Soloist (co-starring a fascinating Jamie Foxx, showing us once again that we shouldn’t judge him for past decisions, namely Booty Call. […]

Do you drive a gay car?

Is your car the gayest? Wheels24, a South African website, spent three weeks conducting a survey for the title “Alternative Car of the Year.” After a furious online vote, Wheels24 unveiled the 3 new car models that most wowed the car crowd. From there, the most cheerful and straight cars were named. At the finish […]