Crime in Camden, America’s most dangerous city

Despite its small population of just 70,0000, Camden, New Jersey has been in the top 10 of America’s most dangerous cities for more than half a century with some rare gaps. In fact, the crime rate in Camden rarely dropped too much from the time the city regained its infamous reputation for a criminal record […]

How to start a wine tasting group

Start a wine tasting group One of the best ways to learn about wine is to taste it in a group. Many beginners are often intimidated by wine tasting groups, but being in a group where everyone is willing to learn can really forge a path to understanding. If you are not currently part of […]

Houses for sale: tips for staging

When homes for sale go on the market, the owner expects a quick sale, but sometimes it can take a couple of months before that happens. Even if you have prospective buyers looking at your home, it can still take a while. There are some preparation tips that homeowners can use to help make a […]

Make the jump

At one point or another in our lives we must take a leap. We as human beings have a tendency to analyze things in such detail that we never take a leap of faith. We are always concerned with the outcome, how our action will affect us and our future. As a result of this, […]

How Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis Helps Profit Planning

Cost-volume-benefit analysis is a method used to analyze how various marketing and operational decisions will affect profits. This planning tool analyzes the effects of changes in volume, sales mix, sales price, variable expenses, fixed expenses, and profit. CVP analysis is often called equilibrium analysis. It is a simple model that assumes that sales volume is […]

Fail on your way to success

Life can be seen as a series of failures marked by high points – successes. What many don’t realize is that it follows that the higher the level of success you achieve in your life, the more failures you experience. And we have to have both the failures and the successes, because how else can […]