According to a recent report, the average teenager sends more than 3,000 SMS messages per month. That’s more than six text messages per waking hour. As a parent, do you know what kinds of messages your children are sending? Are they sending (or receiving) appropriate messages?

With kids sending so many messages every waking hour, how can parents monitor these messages for signs of abuse or involvement in prohibited activities? Until recently, if a parent wanted to monitor these messages, their only option was to look at their child’s cell phone and hope the messages hadn’t been deleted. If messages were deleted, parents had no reliable way to retrieve those messages, and therefore no way to find out what their children were involved with.

The good news is that there is NOW a way for parents to monitor their children’s text messages by using a highly reliable and low-cost text message monitoring solution called SMS spyware.


SMS spyware is a cell phone application that is installed directly on a cell phone that you want to monitor. Installation is done through the phone’s web browser, and once installed, the cell phone monitoring app becomes invisible to the cell phone user. As text/SMS messages are sent or received, they are logged and then sent to your secure online account that you set up when you purchased the monitoring software. Logs are usually sent at certain intervals (usually 10-15 minutes), but you can adjust this depending on how often you want the logs to be updated. Once you sign in to your account, you will have access to all messages sent/received on the phone.

This type of “spy phone software” is commonly used by suspicious spouses to read their partner’s text/SMS messages for signs of infidelity, or as a way for employers to keep track of text message communication from employee to customer. However, with the recent boom in texting, parents are now rushing to buy SMS spyware to monitor their children’s text messages.


SMS spy software allows parents to monitor all incoming and outgoing text messages. Parents can read the entire messages, even if the messages are deleted immediately after reading them. In addition to the message content, you can also view the time and date the message was sent/received, the direction of the message (incoming/outgoing), the number, and the name associated with the number on your mobile phone.

What makes this type of software so popular with parents is that they can access the recorded text messages from any internet-connected device that has a web browser. This means that parents can monitor their children’s text messages from home or work, with some SMS spyware having features that alert parents when certain keywords are triggered.

In short, SMS spyware has quickly become a popular product for parents who want to monitor their children’s text messages. By using this software, parents can read all the incoming and outgoing messages and make sure that their children are not doing anything that they are not supposed to do.