It sounds incredible that just three months ago the old world still existed and went on its ways, except for a small area in China. Since then it has been an immense struggle to stay positive, locked down. During this time, the world has managed to learn very little about the invisible invader. He is one of the most mysterious enemies humanity has ever faced. Nothing is known about the basic nature of him; why the virulence of it is so variable; why he selects some countries with a vengeance and why he is deceitfully nice to others. In any case, we just don’t know what the future course of it would be, even in countries that have apparently thwarted invading it. China, the origin of the attack, and now seemingly in control after a 76-day lockdown, fears a rebound. Some experts even say that there is no guarantee that a cured person will develop immunity to reinfection. However, we must stay positive and live with hope.

The behavior of other human beings disappoints us a lot. Why can’t they understand that the lockdown is basically to save their lives by making them stay home safe and to break the chain of infection outside? Why can’t they understand that the lockdown has to be a temporary measure just to buy time and prepare for the worst, if it comes? But no! They want all their benefits and pleasures lost in a hurry; they want to join their friends for the daily chat: they want their favorite dishes, sweets, cakes at any cost. They even attack doctors, nurses, and police authorities who are at great risk just to protect their lives. Except, perhaps, for the immense human tragedy involving millions of migrant workers stranded in India, most of these human beings are quite well off: they have homes, jobs, money, and opportunities to work from home or engage in other creative pursuits. But no! They keep buying essential items, much more than household necessities, just for the chance to go out again and again. In India, there have been widespread violations of social distancing and other regulations in various parts of various states. The killer virus could be lurking around the corner to cash in on such human follies. But we must stay positive and encourage as many others as possible to stay positive. Quality family time is a thought-provoking asset for all of us busy bees.

The unpredictability of the virus causes one more obstacle: it doesn’t allow our minds to get rid of our obsession with it and focus on other productive things. We continue to listen to the news and updates, what the experts are saying, and track their impact around the world. However, we still need to do our best to entertain our minds and stay positive. Daily workouts and meditation sessions are highly necessary for this, as morning or evening walks are also prohibited.

The economic damage that COVID-19 has already decreed and the imminent threat of utter ruin is another major concern that has been continually haunting our minds. Numerous forecasts of negative growth rates are being made in most countries of the world. Well, negative rates can be reversed once the recovery process begins. But, recovery can only be done when the killer virus leaves us or is completely controlled. It has been said that by September 2020 the coronavirus will go away and it is also said that during the winter it may return, more virulent. Fearful thoughts should not be allowed to create negativity in us; we must stay positive hoping for the best.

The economic reason is the driving force to come out of confinement at some point, the sooner the better. However, an output cannot be absolute; It has to be executed in a staggered manner. India has started this process of smoothing the sidewalks in the safest and most secure areas. And here, we are horrified and disgusted to see how our fellow human beings react to this. Like the burst of foam from an uncorked bottle of Champaign, they rush out of houses in ecstatic madness to break the rules everywhere. More nightmarish thoughts appear. This is only a partial relaxation of the sidewalks with the lockdown still in place. What would happen after a complete exit? After living through the horrors, Italy is considering a full exit; if they succeed, thank God for that. For an overcrowded country like India, how would governments ensure social distancing? In sprawling slums where hundreds share a single bathroom and 8-10 people live in cramped 10/10 foot dwellings; on overcrowded local trains, subways and buses, still unable to handle the growing crowds in most cities; in congested offices; in movie theaters, shopping malls, hotel bars; in the markets and in the fashionable favorite public places? It is believed that it could require at least 6 months of compliance with security measures under normal conditions or until the virus becomes inactive, whichever comes first. Now, if commercial establishments are asked to guarantee seats with strict social distancing rules, how would they continue to be viable in business? Developed countries may not have many such limitations, but people’s lifestyle habits and compulsions can also compromise adherence to safeguards.

We the people must realize that only we can make this battle against the Coronavirus successful; the authorities can only guide us towards that common goal. The responsibility is ours, so we must make an effort, make every effort and move forward with effort, but in a positive way. And there is the final key to success for all of us: a vaccine against COVID-19. US President Trump has said the vaccine will be achieved by the end of this year. If we don’t feel up to going for Trump, considering all his bombastic or bizarre statements or contradictions and his ultimate electoral despair, we can easily take comfort in the many projects being pursued in earnest around the world for which the World leaders have shown solidarity. raising a fund of more than $8 billion, fully backed by the World Health Organization. Some of them, those from the UK, Germany and India, have promised a market-ready vaccine by September 2020. So we still have time and hope is not running out. All the more reason to stay positive and breathe an equally infectious air of optimism around us.