Having a pet changes your life. It makes you more liberal, more loyal and more considerate of others. Animals teach us a lot, you know? We call them animals, but in reality they are taller, much better than us humans, who take pride in everything. They are always one step ahead of what we do in our lives to improve.

The bears of Alaska, the mighty wolves that look fierce, and the seals that are the kings of the water basins all have gentle hearts. When you watch polar bears on TV, they are always ready to protect their children and fight for them. They hunt for food and follow the justice of the land. Look at the dogs, the leopards and the lions. They do not seize foreign territories and respect their freedom. They obediently hunt to feed their pride and their babies. Food water and shelter, the ancient necessities of life is all they want. They just want to roam free, be wild and raise their young.

Movies and documentaries are filmed. Lectures are given to protect wildlife around the world. However, we humans have a tendency to double standards. We kill them and scream to protect ourselves. No wonder we have built Satan and Hell out of our own conscience. If we had only done good deeds, hell would not have existed. Our dire need to do bad deeds just for the sake of entertainment is terrible. We are so bad that we cannot refrain from our cruel nature. God did not make us this way, but here we are proud, arrogant, selfish and we behave like silent killers.

Glaciers are melting, trees are crying and people are dying screaming at the world about cruelty. Has anything improved in these decades? Have we stopped the bloodshed? Have we stopped wearing animal prints? Have we tried to control our pride by killing tigers? No. Some cultures go one step further and perform acts that may present Satan as angelic. These people celebrate the heinous festival of killing cats and dogs and eating them. This is worse than burning in hell. I mean, what made you think of killing and eating that thing that’s supposed to be your partner for life? What has gotten into your hearts? Now non-vegetarians shouldn’t question all of this. they know what i’m talking about

Nothing happened. It is still zero progress of what we call development. You call this progress. MY dear fellows, this is just one of many ways to kill our mother nature. A pessimist is a danger to society. Six billion people around the world and only 30-40% are raising their voices and brains. Why do not you get up? Releasing your anger with words will not work. You must get up and try.

How many likes do we give to a Youtube video of compilations of funny and adorable animals? People’s kind words and pathetic, horrible objections break our hearts. Let me ask you something, how many of us actually feel tears writing or watching those videos? Hardly two or three humans will go out and spread the consciousness required. The rest will only shed tears and return to their work cursing fate and leaving everything in God’s hands.

I’m not saying don’t have a heart, it’s wrong to identify an entire gender when only one mind is corrupted. There are sweet souls dying for their pets, running with them for their lives and doing absolutely anything to keep them safe. and happy. Animal trainers spend their entire lives building sanctuaries and shelters for bears, wolves, and dogs. Aquatic creatures sense love in an endearing soul and never forget them. They know who is nice and who is satanic. An ostrich, a wild beast or an anaconda all deserve to be happy. They deserve to live a healthy life in their own community.

The truth is that we are nothing without these four-legged creatures. We depend on them for the happiness of our soul and they are our preceptors teaching us to respect the one who made us. We need to cherish them, protect them, and just like our wedding vows, we need to say ’till death do us part.

So are you ready?