As a dog owner, you probably enjoy spending time with your beloved dog. Be sure to temper your desire to be with your pet by giving him time for himself. If you don’t teach your dog to fend for himself, it can lead to panic attacks every time you leave him alone. Seeing your pet in this state is quite distressing. Fortunately, you can fix dog separation anxiety.

Some people think that the damage caused by the dog during his anxiety attacks is actually meant to punish you. Your dog doesn’t really have a vendetta. The real cause of the dogs’ behavior is due to their severe stress and panic.

There are many symptoms of separation anxiety in canines. Look for the following symptoms while you are at home. If your dog won’t leave your side, he may be a ‘Velcro’ dog and too attached to you. This is called hyperattachment. Also check for changes in your dogs body language when you are getting ready to leave.

Here are some tips for dealing with your dog’s separation anxiety.

  1. Try to ignore your dog once you get home. Make them think that coming and going are not normal events. You should practice arrivals and departures so often that your dog doesn’t associate putting on your shoes or grabbing your keys with leaving.
  2. Leaving an object that carries your scent near the dog can help once you’re gone. A pheromone appeaser for dogs can also be used. It is a scent that mothers produce when they are nursing their puppies. It can be found online and in pet stores.
  3. Exercise your dog and put him to sleep before you leave. A tired dog is a good dog.
  4. Be patient and discipline! You will see results over time. Focus on positive progress.