Today’s tattoos come in two forms, artwork and phrases. For couples in love, romantic tattoo phrases seem to be the most popular option. And considering that the country that everyone thinks of for love is usually Italy, the best romantic phrases for tattoos are in the language of love, Italian.

For most people, thoughts of Italy evoke romance and love. The Italian language is magical, fluid and melodious. That is why short romantic phrases in Italian, like tattoos, are highly desired today, especially among people in a relationship.

You’re about to read some of my favorite romantic Italian tattoo quotes below, but before that, there are a couple of very important considerations to keep in mind.

Because a tattoo is permanent, make sure you’ve checked with more than one resource to make sure the phrase you’re translating into Italian is correct. There have been many cases where a person was told that a certain translation was correct only to find out that it was wrong after the tattoo was done. Once the tattoo is done there is no going back or correction.

Also make sure the translation means the same thing in your native language. Some sentences when translated take on completely different meanings.

Also note that what you will read here are the translations I have come to learn. It is recommended that you double check to ensure they are correct and translated correctly before proceeding.

You will want to make sure that you select a small phrase as a word tattoo, because if it is too long, there will be very few places on the body where it can be placed.

Finally, be sure to select a font that is easy to read and likely won’t allow the letters to clump together over time.

love is a viaggio, not a goal

Love is a journey, not a destination

love you

I love you

I love you with tutta l’anima

I love you with all my heart

Non posso vivere senza voi

I can not live without you

beautiful love

beautiful love

I will fear love and I will fear life

To fear love is to fear life

life is beautiful

Beautiful Life

my beautiful love

my beautiful love

the family always

Forever family

I am dependent on tuoi baci

I’m addicted to your kisses

love and love

love is blind

L’amore domina senza regole

Love rules without rules

Tutto è permesso in war and in love

All is fair in war and love.

What better way to end than with my absolute favorite Italian tattoo phrase. It’s short and perfect for perfect love and that word is: per semper. Translated in French means: forever.