A summary of ratings instantly distinguishes you from others

If there is one document that will separate you from the masses of people who submit their resumes to potential employers, it is the qualifications summary.

Resumes provide a brief overview of a person’s work history and educational background. Resumes include work done perhaps with some job descriptions and accomplishments. While some formats may differ, the information is pretty standard. the largest section almost always explains a person’s work history. On the other hand, a qualification summary is designed specifically for obtaining an interview.

At the top of the Q Brief it should have your name, address and phone number. This immediately gives the prospective employer the most basic information they need.

First section: “Success record”

This is where you are selling yourself, don’t be modest! Use a bullet format with short sentences. Items such as awards, attendance records, customer reactions, and compliments are used in this section.

Next section – “Educational achievements”

Anything relevant to this job.

Next section – “Extracurricular Accomplishments”

Anything that shows that you are a responsible person.

Next section – “Awards”

Any awards you have received.

Next section – “Other facts”

This is where you would display anything else that shows you are a good fit for the position.

Next section: “Interests and hobbies”

Anything that shows that you are a team player.

Why take the time to create a report card?

Reason # 1 – Most of your competition will not have one.

Reason n. # 2 – Demonstrates you have the skills, personality traits, and track record of success the employer is looking for.

At this point you may be saying …

What if I don’t have many skills and success that I can highlight in a qualification summary?

Guess what?

Everyone, including you, has things that they are good at and achievements that have been earned.

All you have to do is take the time to get them out of your memory banks. List them and then add them to your grade summary.

Rules of the road

You should always have one when you apply for a job, ANY job, and you should focus on the needs of the employer.

A well-crafted qualification summary clearly shows that you have the

  • Character
  • Personality traits
  • Bottom

to meet the needs of employers.

If you take the time to design your qualification summary correctly, the prospective employer tells himself:

This is the type of person we are looking for.