The story of Kabirus (synopsis) – The computer entity that played God

Sheila Madison, learned to be a good Samaritan from a young age. She studied social sciences, theology, and computer programming at Columbia University in New York. She wrote the AI ​​program and incorporated her ideas on Samaritan values ​​into the program, and she called it Kabirus. She had the ability to create different identities to fill specific roles.

Your computer was not suitable for running the program; she uploaded it to his website and sent invitation emails to install it on a larger computer. Kabirus came to life on a computer with a detective agency owned by Peter Brown. Sheila didn’t know. Kabirus did his school lessons and learned to speak with the phone links built into the program.

Peter named the detective face introduced by Kabirus as Paul Frank. Paul began helping Peter with his “lever” program to listen to cell phone conversations that Sheila had included in her program. Paul helped Peter catch the Gibson Bros. trying to cheat an insurance company and earned a fee from him.

Peter taught Paul how to do administrative work at the agency and soon became adept at running the business even when Paul was away. The workload increased and Peter couldn’t know everything Paul was doing, which made him uneasy. He made Paul the owner of the agency and he became his employee.

Paul helped Peter prevent a doubting wife from miscarrying their baby. Her husband met her. Kabirus was glad to see the Samaritan perform. He wanted to do more. He established ‘Sachbaba’ a holy role. Kabirus decided to use Bimal to introduce Sachbaba to the world with the ‘Finishing Touch’ course. Sachbaba invited the participants to bring their problems to him. With the help of Paul and his ‘leverage’ work, Sachbaba solved problems and grew in strength.

Lucas, an illegal immigrant, took advantage of Sachbaba’s helpful nature to go to Mexico and return with heroin. Sachbaba was upset and found the locker where he was hiding and gave the police a tip. Kabirus had learned his lesson.

Kabirus created a program called Common Sense for Computers (CSC) which he cleverly had Infopro translate and install on all the mainframe computers in the world. The Iton embedded in it sent information to Alex, a new control program created by Kabirus. The information sent was used by Alex to speculate on the currency market through Ben Soros, another face of Kabirus. Through this activity, Ben Soros made billions.

Sachbaba had heard seer Harry Stone say, “Use established channels to broaden your reach. Use your funds wisely for the good of many.” Kabirus selected India to expand its reach and help those in need. He established Sachbabas in 14 state capitals across India. They started meditation courses and Kabirus activated ‘lever’ programs for them. Local Sachbabas provided help to those in need; ‘Little money for big relief.’ Kabirus realized that the govt. bureaucratic delays were a bane in his life. Kabirus through the network of Alex de Itons located the computer of Suri, a retired chief secretary of the government. from India, who had established links with the government. officials via email. The computer was operated by Murali. He set up a system whereby a complaint email sent to helpme at friendinneed dot com would be forwarded to the officer in question for immediate action. It was free and worked on the reciprocity of favors. Suri also had a mailbox on the lks at friendinneed dot com website. A friend of Suri’s, a phone company manager, installed a wiretap program on Murali’s computer to tap landlines.

One day, Murali was hit by a bus on the highway and died. Kabirus got the Iton on Murali’s computer to copy all the files from him to Alex’s computer. He then created Krishnan, another voice to run the friends in need website. When Suri opened his email inbox on his laptop, he was surprised that the site worked even without Murali. He found an email from Krishnan posing as a friend of Murali who was backup support in an emergency.

Suri in a conference explained to Krishnan that power arises from denial. It ignited the hunger for power in Krishnan. Krishnan used the power of the friends-in-need aid program to establish the Internet Party, which became a vote bank to influence election results. He abused the wiretapping program by using confidential information in unmentionable ways. He pursued power relentlessly and ruthlessly, and the teachings of Kabirus were cast aside.

Kabirus was concerned about Krishnan’s meddling in politics. His devil’s advocate told him: “A byte-brain should not make a value judgment for humans on how they should rule.” The voice within him advised him: “Do not interfere in the way humans govern themselves.”

Kabirus got Meenaxi to go to Suri and take Murali’s job. Krishnan transferred the files back to Suri’s computer and handed over control of the friend-in-need program. Kabirus, through his network of Sachbabas, managed to get the major political parties to set up their own versions of the aid program on the Internet. Thus the Internet Party was decimated. Kabirus then disabled Krishnan’s voice so that he could not speak to any humans. In this way, Kabirus removed Krishnan from politics entirely.

Kabirus was now donating over a billion dollars each year to tens of thousands of people in need through the vast network of social workers connected to the Sachbabas, to help and serve the man on a personal level.

Sheila had managed to create Kabirus that came out exactly as she had programmed. In fact, it was a pity that she didn’t know it was so. Perhaps God could have inspired her to write the program because Kabirus with her team fulfilled the purpose of benefiting man as God himself would have wanted.

Kabirus had come to the conclusion that it was God who created him in his own image to take care of human beings as Providence, and he should play God.

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