Situated between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers, Zimbabwe is a popular South African country that is full of natural beauty. It is a country made up of scenery and full of fabulous views and landscapes. Zimbabwe has a wide range of landscapes with many mountainous terrain and grasslands. The highest point in Zimbabwe is Mount Inyangani and the country is home to magnificent properties and wildlife parks. The combination of botanical gardens, sanctuaries and wild safaris make Zimbabwe a paradise for tourists.

Among the must-see sites in Zimbabwe, Harare is the popular attraction as it is the capital. This is the industrial and commercial center of Zimbabwe. A clean and elegant city, the city is filled with flowering trees, contemporary architecture, and vibrant parks. A visit to Harare can take the tourist to the modern museum and art gallery, Robert McIlwaine Recreation Park, Lion and Cheetah Park and Larvon Bird Gardens. Harare’s pleasant climate makes it the City of the Sun.

Bulawayo is another great tourist attraction. The commercial, industrial and tourist center is also historically famous. Bulawayo is home to the National Museum and the headquarters of the National Railways of Zimbabwe. The Khami Ruins located near the city and the Rhodes Matapos National Park, famous for the granite rocks, are the important attractions of the city. There are also caves with exquisite cave paintings in this area. Dams have been built and are ideal for fishing and many tourists come here just to fish.

One of the largest parks in Zimbabwe is Hwange and this National Park is home to a variety of species of birds and animals. It is the largest elephant sanctuary in Africa. There are around 40,000 elephant cubs living in the National Park. The Victoria Falls that flow from Hwange National Park are the largest waterfalls in the world. The park allows tourists to take a closer look at animal species and learn about the different species.

The main holiday destination of people in Zimbabwe and around the world are mountain ranges like Inyanga, Vumba and Chimanimani. The highest mountain in Zimbabwe is Inyangani. With deep valleys, gorges, granite peaks, and rugged cliffs, the landscape in the area is breathtaking and dazzling. The mountainous terrain is home to some leopards and rare species of antelope.

For a complete vacation, every tourist has to visit the Great Zimbabwe National Monument. The place has ruins from Africa and the main enclosure, temple, walls and stonework. Kyle National Park is closer to the monument. The remains of the ruined city that flourished during the 13th and 15th centuries are attractive and the city was known to be famous for the gold trade.

Tourists can have fun in the waters of the Zambezi River. The surrounding areas of the river are a great place to enjoy water sports such as rafting, bungee jumping, tiger fishing, and surfing. Zimbabwe is a country that offers a unique blend of contemporary living, convenience, while preserving the ruins of the past. A variety of safaris allow visitors to enjoy the natural splendor of Zimbabwe. Complete with lakes, rivers, national parks, monuments, historical sites, and waterfalls. Zimbabwe is a great vacation spot to spend your hard-earned vacation.