Upselling is a challenge for many in retail. It feels awkward and forced, a task employees often do just because they have to.

The most successful at upselling have usually found a way to inject a part of themselves into the upselling process. It can take time to find the words and attitude that work. Smart retailers give their employees plenty of time to figure this out for themselves.

Yet too often, retailers require employees to make a pitch with every sale. This can do more harm than good.

To provide retailers and retail employees with some ideas for upsell scripts, here are some examples. Some are full hyphens, while others are the opening words. They are designed to launch your own ideas.

Would you like fries with that? Every store has a good impulse item that works with the most sales. If not, search for the product. So the upsell issue is a service and not a sales pitch.

We have a special offer today with every purchase…

Have you seen this, it’s just in…

The boss wants us to give up this item, so we’re offering two for one…

We have a free gift if you buy this today…

Did you want any candy with that today?

Would you like to try one of our new treats?

We have a special offer today for customers who spend more than $50, if you spend another $50 you get half price.

Have you seen these, they are just in…

If you join our loyalty club, I can give you a 5% discount on this purchase today.

We have a free gift for every purchase over $50 today, you are only $10 off when you get this gift you wanted to look for a little more.

Would you like one of our reusable shopping bags? They’re only $2.50 and they’re eco-friendly.

Would you like to go on our lucky dip gift voucher? It costs $10 and there are coupons inside from $10 to $50.

Soliciting additional business is half the battle of getting additional business. Retail employees are more likely to participate in an upsell program if you have good offers available for them to present. This takes time. Find relevant items and price them for efficient selling. The best items are those that fit in with the more common items you sell, like fries that go with burgers.

Give your team time to develop the words that work for them to turn their good ideas into additional sales.

Remember, increasing sales is personal.