A pencil case is an important part of a student’s life. It is one of the school accessories that students are very attached to. In fact, elementary school kids are quite possessive of their pencil boxes. This is the reason why they consider a series of points that seem important to them when buying it.

It has a huge market, like any other item related to children. In addition, its manufacturers continue to release attractive and fully functional designs in this category. If you have stationery or children’s store, you should learn the following tips to offer the best in your store.

Cases in different materials

It is made of plastic and is probably the most popular with children. You can find these cases made from different grades of plastic. Another popular variety is the metal one. These cases are usually used by adult children. A third type of case is the cloth one. These cases are different from other varieties in that they have zippers attached. Each of these varieties has its own little followers.

Variety of designs and styles

When it comes to design and style, there is simply no shortage of variety in which these items are available. A pencil case with popular cartoon characters printed on them easily appeals to young children. Another popular trend is to print popular characters from children’s movies on it. Those with superheroes, dolls, stuffed animals, and floral designs are also among the best-selling designs.

Most children consider colors when making the final decision. Some would match the color with their school bags, while others would prefer it with their favorite colors. However, in any color you should expect to find your buyers. The important thing is to offer variety to small buyers.

Storage options

Pencil cases with different storage sections often impress children. For example, with small areas for storing erasers, pencil sharpeners and rulers are generally liked by children. There are pencil cases with storage space on both the front and the back. These add to the convenience of storing colored pens alongside pencils and pens.

Other features

There are pencil cases with built-in sharpeners and they are quite popular with children. A pencil case with an area to write the name and other details is what parents prefer for their little school goers. Another popular trend is offering personalized pencil cases to children. Pencil cases can be personalized with a child’s favorite color or character. Another good idea is to offer custom designs with the ability to write children’s names decoratively. There is no limit to the ideas that pencil cases can be turned into wonderful accessories for children.

It is what every child counts among his most important possessions. These can act as birthday gifts for children or as return gifts for their friends. Offering them the best in these items should give your store a good name among small shoppers.