Have you ever stopped in front of a house or passed one and thought, “Oh wow!”

The WOW factor is priceless when you hit someone from the sidewalk and that’s exactly the appeal you want to achieve when listing your home. If you “don’t catch” them on the sidewalk, you may as well kiss your chances of seeing them walk through the door goodbye. A potential buyer’s connection to your home can be quite immediate, and if you don’t feel at one with your home, the competition in your neighborhood will be your next focus.

Creating curb appeal doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but it will require a bit of planning on your part before putting up your For Sale sign on your front lawn. Approach your home with a buyer’s eye. You may want to look at those other homes in the general vicinity that are also for sale and see how your home compares to them. Be honest, critical, and leave your ego at the door. What makes them stand out? What can you do to complement the exterior appearance of your property?

It could be as simple as removing something i.e. removing clutter, putting garden equipment and tools in their proper places, picking up fallen tree limbs or removing those touching the roof, cleaning gutters, removing drapes spider, remove the leaves and excess. lawn after mowing and trimming walkways, pressure washing siding and cleaning all windows inside and out so they shine in the sunlight. If your bushes are too big, cut them back and remove the weeds around them.

low cost additions

– Fresh paint on exterior trim and front door

– Replace the old door hardware with something new

– Brighten up the front porch with large planters filled with a colorful arrangement of seasonal flowers and hanging planters or ferns

– Place planters in the front as a complement

– Buyers also stop by after work and early evening, which can change the exterior “wow” of a home. You may also want to consider the following:

– Is your entrance well lit? If not, add a decorative fixture or lamp/post. If you already have a lamp post, surround it with an attractive flower bed that includes the color white, as it appears in dim light and reflects when the outdoor light is on.

– Set the scene and light up the sidewalks, along the driveway or highlight landscape elements with solar lighting that you can find fairly cheaply at local discount stores.

– Make a point of the landscape stand out with a point of light

– Open heavy curtains, blinds, and shutters at night to let in interior light. Privacy sheers make buyers feel like their home offers privacy, while presenting a soft glow that looks inviting at night.

– If you can see a glimpse of your backyard, add some dim lighting to spark their imagination so they can envision it as a space to entertain guests.

Remember, buyers need to visualize in their minds what it would be like to occupy your home. You don’t have to be a landscape designer to create a beautiful and captivating image, nor do you have to invest a lot of money to have a “wow factor.”