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National Cashiers Week

There are three types of people who frequent supermarkets. There’s the unpleasant, rude, whiny, angry, demanding shopper, then there’s the happy shopper, and finally there’s the cashiers … those underpaid public servants who stand behind a counter all day and demand you give them money. And I know this why? I’ve been there, I’ve done […]

Basement construction on clay soils

If you plan to build a basement in an area that has clay in the ground, you must take precautions to avoid structural damage to your home. So here are a couple of tips to consider before beginning basement construction in clay soils. Before starting basement construction, you need to know what type of soil […]

Socially responsible investment with sector funds

In recent years, the new idea of ​​investing in vouge, socially responsible investing, has attracted a lot of interest. As environmental problems become more and more prevalent, it is a natural progression. In very simplistic terms, socially responsible investing is an investment approach that allows you, the investor, to invest your funds in companies that […]

Can a house be scorpion proof?

If you’ve been stung by a scorpion, or live in a scorpion-infested area, you’ve probably asked yourself the question, “Can a home be scorpion-proof?” The answer … There are some simple steps you can take to HELP make your home Scorpion PROOF! I say HELP Scorpion Proof Your Home for a couple of reasons. First […]

The Global Financial Crisis: Looking Back to 2014

Overview A financial crisis occurs when the value of a country’s financial assets falls rapidly. The crisis is often associated with bank runs, investor panic, and massive withdrawal of funds from banking institutions. This scenario predicts that everything is going downhill, hence the need to withdraw all savings and investments from all financial sectors. When […]