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Cease and Desist: What to Do (Besides Panic) Upon Receiving This Letter

When customers need to create marketing tools for their businesses, including trademarks, advertising, brochures, direct mail senders, websites, signage, and other highly visible digital and print communications, they often ignore and sometimes disdain the strict Laws that protect copyrights and trademarks against infringement. However, if the owner of the record detects a trademark or rights […]

Foresight and training make managers

Top management in every industry is known for setting up our best skilled workers for failure. It is as if we are specifically trying to sabotage our own companies by lowering the skill level of the workforce and using poor management to try to fix it. A fancy new title and a raise are not […]

Condominiums Vs Apartments

Although technically the main difference between an apartment and a condo is legal, in dozens of communities around the world there are clear differences. In this article we will briefly define each one and then explain these differences. Although they tend to look the same, an apartment is a private unit in a building that […]